We have already followed the footprints of pianist and composer Gary Farr by reviewing his solo project Fresh Brew (2004), an album with tunes from 1995 - 2004, and Ron Fattorusso's debut album Up All Night (2004). Further excursions into the inspirational realm of New Age with The Gentle Awakening and Straight Ahead Jazz with Deep As The Night testify for Farr's versatility. 

Since 5 years Gary Farr lives in L.A. and his feel-good-factor at his new home is great. "LA offers a diverse multitude of restaurants, music and theatres. The most surprising thing about LA is the feeling of a small town in a big city. So many creative and energetic people in the music and film industry surround me. It's great sharing ideas and working with them," comments Garry Farr.

It's obvious that he releases a new album with themes about L.A. and its landscape. Movin' Thru L.A. is Gary's testimony for his new hometown. The roundtrip starts with the title song. Garry Farr creates an uptempo tune with a stomping bass and quick chords on piano and keyboards catching the hectic and pulsing life down on the streets.

Burpin' Burbank is the song about a city in Los Angeles County, located in the eastern region of the San Fernando Valley, north of Downtown Los Angeles. The tune is featuring Tommy Phillips on trumpet and Ron Fattorusso on sax.

Cruisin' Ventura Blvd. is a swinging Bossa Nova tune showcasing one of Los Angeles' most famous streets. It was originally a part of the El Camino Real (the trail between Spanish missions). Ventura Boulevard is the oldest route in the San Fernando Valley.

The Train To West Covina, a city located in eastern Los Angeles County, California has a big Latin appeal. West Covina was and still is the fastest growing city in the valley. The tune is incorporating this dynamic movement in musical notes.

I know the Santa Monica beach by Peter White's music. Santa Monica is a coastal city in western Los Angeles County. Santa Monica is named for Saint Monica of Hippo because the area on which the city is now located was first visited by Spaniards on her feast day. Gary starts The Santa Monica Mix with an acoustic bass and a piano dialog catching sunshine and easy living of Santa Monica.

Cool Nights & Hollywood Lights is featuring Ron Fattorusso on sax. Gary and Ron are shining on their instruments. The track sounds like a work piece without a real drummer.

Goin' Over Coldwater Canyon is a homage to the region north of L.A. The song is featuring Stephan Lexner on guitar who plays a rockish style.

Romance In Beverly Hills is a slow tune about the city in the western part of Los Angeles County. Piano with a high dose of slushy strings. That sultry tune can hit a woman's heart.

Meet at Sunset & Highland is a song based on a discobeat. John Travolta would like that.

The city of Malibu is a 27-mile strip of Pacific coastline located in western Los Angeles County. The Colours Of Malibu is the musical alternative to Chevrolet Malibu, Malibu Barbie, Piper Malibu, Malibu Grand Prix, and Malibu Rum.

On the roundtrip we are Drivin' Down To OC. Vinny Stixx Amato clarifies the importance of a good drummer with his vivid beat on the snare. There is a smell of Big Band in the air.

The Santa Ana Winds are warm, dry winds that characteristically appear in Southern California weather during autumn and early winter. Gary Farr mirrors the hurricane force of the wind in his epic music.

On the final track Movin' Thru L.A. Gary Farr accelerates the dynamic of the tune by adding a vocal passage.

Gary Farr delivers with his new album Movin' Thru L.A.the ideal musical companion.






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  • Title: Movin' Thru L.A.
    Artist: Gary Farr
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:51:11
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Secret Formula Records

    01 Movin Thru L.A. [3:31]
    02 Burpin' Burbank [3:37]
    03 Cruisin' Ventura Blvd. [4:16]
    04 The Train To West Covina [4:15]
    05 Th Santa Monica Mix [3:39]
    06 Cool Nights & Hollywood Lights [3:22]
    07 Goin' Over Coldwater Canyon [4:23]
    08 Romance in Beverly Hills [5:25]
    09 Meet at Sunset & Highland [3:27]
    10 The Colors of Malibu [3:10]
    11 Drivin' down to OC [3:49]
    12 The Santa Ana Winds [4:36]
    13 Movin' Thr
    u L.A. (vocal mix) [3:41]