Michael Fair describes himself as a leader in the smooth jazz genre, specialized in the performance of flugelhorn and trumpet. After his debut album Love Me Like That (2002) followed his albums How Close Are We (2003) and Back For More (2006). His newest album is entitled Funk In The Trunk and was just released at CDBaby.

Michael teamed again with Grammy nominated writer/producer Brandon Barnes. Both wrote all songs except the songs Find Your Way Back and Wichita Lineman. Michael invites us into his world of music with Danza Del Verano. With the warm sound of his trumpet he conjures the picture of an Italian couple swinging in romance.

The uplifting Good To Be With You melts trumpet and synth to an easy going jam. Tell Me Why brings some melancholy into the mix. With expanded tones Michael creates an evocative atmosphere.

The title song Funk In The Trunk starts with a astounding funk groove luring to Fair's trumpet attack. Start your live and Find Your Way Back to your beloved person. The emotional aspect of loneliness mirrors in Fair's moody trumpet interpretation.

Jimmy Webb's Wichita Lineman was first recorded by Glen Campbell in 1968 and widely covered by other artists. Fair's rendition is destined as premium score for a love film. Awesome! If Ever I features singer Brandy Mayo. After my opinion Michael should have given her the lead. She has a wonderful voice.

On Come Back To Me Fair picks up anew the old theme about the lost relationship of two lovers. Fair prefers to build the melody in enduring mellow tones. Everyone has in his life a special moment of happiness. I Remember When catches the spirit of this time in an easy going song.

With Smiles From Heaven Michael visits celestial arcades. Fair's elegant trumpet style manifests again in I'll See You There. Where's Maggie? reaches classical highs. The album closes with Far From Home, a sultry ballad for the homesick people.

Michael Fair's Funk In The Trunk should have a broad appeal for friends of smooth jazz, especially with the trumpet in the lead. Definitely worth a spin if you're into this instrument.







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Album Information

Title: Funk In The Trunk
Artist: Michael Fair
Year: 2010
Length: 1:03:34
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Michael Fair Music


01 Danza Del Verano [4:53]
02 Good To Be With You [5:04]
03 Tell Me Why [5:11]
04 Funk In The Trunk [4:19]
05 Find Your Way Back [5:20]
06 Wichita Lineman [5:06]
07 If Ever I [4:53]
08 Come Back To Me [3:33]
09 I Remember When [4:21]
10 Smiles From Heaven [5:37]
11 I'll See You There [5:07]
12 Where's Maggie? [5:03]
13 Far From Home [5:08]

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