Although Andre Delano is a young musician, he already performed with numerous artists like Stevie Wonder, Maxwell, Jeff Lorber, Wynton Marsalis, Clark Terry, Bucky Green. Chielli Minucci, Doc Powell, and Bobby Lyle. His debut album Full Circle (2005) received high acclaims, followed in 2006 with a Christmas release entitled First Christmas.

Andre Delano has a smile on his face, the smile of a winner. His new album My So Fine (2008) has all ingredients for a superb album. Supported by an energy pack of top-notch musicians like Yaronne Levy (guitar), Darrel Diaz (keyboards), Dewayne "Smitty" Smith (bass) and the guest musicians bassist Byron Miller (Luther Vandross, George Duke), pianist, Kevin Toney (The Blackbyrds), trumpeter Greg Adams (Tower of Power) and guitarist Michael Ripoll (Baby Face, James Brown, Kirk Whalum, Usher).

Andre explains: "A lot of people say that the saxophone is a very sexy instrument. My So Fine is an album that is all about love's sexiness. My challenge on this one was to see just how sexy the saxophone could be." Indeed his new album is sexy and unique. No covers, all compositions are written by Andre, sometimes with the help of his fellow musicians. The album starts with the peppery Sista Caliente' pushed by hot guitar loops and Andre Delano's remarkable alto sax.

A reggae on a smooth jazz album? Why not. The contemplative Once My Love reveals that reggae rhythm and sax perfectly harmonize. What awesome vocals, Andre Delano has the class of Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye. There is no better prove than My So Fine.

And this Golden Boy can compose. Soultie features genius Kevin Toney on keyboards. I love these affectionate details like Trevor Lawrence propulsive drums, Lori Andrews' pizzicato style on harp and the high tones of Kevin oh so sultry keys. Radio stations will love melodic ballades like the mellow More Than Words Can Say. Wonderful is the retro sound of The Da Da Song in the style of Jr. Walker and the All Stars or Curtis Mayfield.

College Sweetheart starts with a heart beat. A flashback to Andre Delano's college days. JSU Jam is a reminiscence to the Jackson State University. In 2007 Andre returned to his Alma Mater to record this tune with tuba player Tremeris Sanders who won the audition. Delano comments: "In Sanders I found a teachable showman who could play the music and enjoy it." Dr. Jimmie James is the announcer on this tune. “I singled Dr. James out, not only because he is the chairman of the music department, but because he is also the ‘Voice of the Sonic Boom of the South.’" Finally Andre had a good hand to choice Robert Mumphard on tenor drums. Andre absolutely catches the spirit of the JSU.

Back from the University to the fields of smooth jazz with Get To You. Thanks to overdub technique Andre performs the melody and adds a gracious solo. Designated for live shows. My impression of Andre Delano as singer is solidified with the heartfelt I Do. Andre, go on! First Dance is dedicated to those who need a melody for marriage and proposals. Slow and lasting and a bit sentimental. Greg Adams, former genius of Tower of Power is the featured musician on muted trumpet.

The stomping Home Sweet Home is obviously conceptualized as pick-me-up. Angelic, blessed, divine. I find no adjective for Andre's mesmerizing vocals. That Much (I Love U) get the heart on the statement, Andre is the new Marvin Gaye. The album closes with an instrumental version of The Da Da Song, a could opportunity for Andre to let his sax skills shine.

It's hard to say if Andre is a better saxophonist or a better singer. All in all emotional music is his domain and there is no better and comfortable way to elicit sympathy or tenderness.



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  • Album information:

    Title: My So Fine
    Artist: Andre Delano
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:59:03
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: nuGroove Records


    01 Sista Caliente' [4:04]
    02 Once My Love [4:19]
    03 My So Fine [3:58]
    04 Soultie [4:22]
    05 More Than Words Can Say [4:53]
    06 The Da Da Song [4:04]
    07 College Sweetheart [4:12]
    08 JSU Jam [3:58]
    09 Get To You [3:57]
    10 I Do [4:57]
    11 First Dance [4:09]
    12 Home Sweet Home [4:01]
    13 That Much (I Love U) [4:06]
    14 The Da Da Song [4:03]