The German group Dancing Fantasy consists of keyboardist duo Chris Williams and Curtis McLaw. During a recording in the studio 1 Innovative Communication's president Mark Sakautzky heard their sound and directly offered them a contract. This was the start of Dancing Fantasy on the label IC Digit.

Their debut album was Midnight Blvd. (1990), followed by California Grooves (1991), Moonlight Reflections (1992), Worldwide (1993), their first concept album, Day Dream (1995), and Love Letters (1997). With Dancing Fantasy they released one album on Higher Octave in 1999 and with Soundscapes a follow-up on 1201 Music in 2001.

After a long hiatus Dancing Fantasy returns with Back Home (2015). Motivated by a lot of fan mail asking for a new album the duo continued to work and here it is! The starting Again and Again immediately clarifies that the formation doesn't change their popular style. With a dreamy synth groove the group allures their fan community.

The title song offers alienated vocals, full synth strings and drum programming of the 90's in a captivating combination featuring a short sax solo by Cat Smith. No later than after the third song you know what makes Dancing Fantasy so popular. Funky Beach Shack has that Malibu Beach groove with a hooking sweetness like a mousse au chocolate.

Imagine the silence of the depth in the ocean, while diving between fishes and corals. Deep Sea Diver paints a musical picture of these moments of solitude. From the Space Station you have breathtaking views of the Earth. Mother Earth musically accounts for this impression. The Secret Island is the appropriate score for the German series Das Traumschiff. Atmospheric, exotic, esoteric. These attributes are applicable to Sweet Sansula.

The slow tempo tune Girl From China plays with Chinese sounds. Dancing Fantasy are living the appeal of distant shores with Sawadee. Similarities to the style of Art of Noise are desired or planned. Unlike the title Fata Morgana is something tangible. The melody is charming and offers beautiful harmonies. Take The Night Train is already designed with the instrumentation of soprano sax and guitar to the smooth jazz community.

With Bon Voyage the group returns to the proven sound that evokes pleasant memories of previous albums. Once In A Lifetime is a somewhat melancholic seeming farewell to discerned listeners.

Dancing Fantasy's new album Back Home is distinguished by its stylistic unfailing loyalty to their previous works. The music of this formation has been sorely missed in the past. Hopefully they let us not wait so long again.





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Album Information

Title: Back Home
Artist: Dancing Fantasy
Year: 2015
Length: 0:53:43
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Dancing Fantasy Music

01 Again And Again [4:16]
02 Back Home [4:19]
03 Funky Beach Shack [4:10]
04 Deep Sea Diver [4:59]
05 Mother Earth [4:46]
06 The Secret Island [3:43]
07 Sweet Sansula [4:43]
08 Girl From China [3:27]
09 Sawadee [4:29]
10 Fata Morgana [3:21]
11 Take The Night Train [4:29]
12 Bon Voyage [3:31]
13 Once In A Lifetime [3:29]

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