Ozella Compilation - Morning . Noon . Evening . Night

First time I hold two of the above showed albums in my hands, I thought "What an ambitious undertaking!". Dagobert Böhm's label Ozella Music has released four compilation albums at once. Dagobert Böhm who is well-known in Germany under his stage-name Dago had received unsolicited material by musical colleagues. His first idea to make a compilation album was soon replaced by the inspiration to develop a bigger project: "Morning - Noon - Evening - Night", four albums with changing moods following the rhythm of a day. Some of the tracks were taken from already released albums, but most of the tunes are especially played in for this project. 

Each album contains more than one hour professional instrumental music. The collection album "Morning" presents foremost acoustic guitar and violin music which can be assigned to new age or ambient music. The nearly complete abandonment of electronically equipment (some keyboards music in the background is the exception) mediates a natural unplugged effect. The only break is Gerold Kukulenz "Miles High" who is playing with keyboards, samples and programming. All pieces are smooth and unobtrusive. The character of the whole album is contemplative and all artists respect it. In U.S.A. Nick Francis' "Quietmusic" is representing this kind of music.

Most played instrument on the second compilation album "Noon" is again the acoustic guitar. The variety of styles pitches from the groovy Gypsy-like "Gute Laune?" by Rangin over the lyrical epic "Weites Land" by Wanderer to the more up tempo propulsive "InterCityExpress" by Trio Bravo. Overall the music is peaceful and soothing. 

So if you are sitting in your garden smelling the fresh air of the late summer day, just laid back and listen to this relaxing music.