What is the recipe for a successful album? Elect Jeff Lorber as your executing producer, write some intelligent arrangements and let them play by musicians like Dave Koz, Eric Marienthal, Rick Braun, Dwight Sills, Michael Thompson, Alex Al, Nate Phillips, Tony Moore, Dave Weckl, David Mann and Irene B.

Southern California native Patrick Bradley uses this recipe for his second album Under The Sun, which was released April 26th, 2011. Patrick comments: “The idea behind this record is to enjoy life and celebrate all it offers during the brief time we have under the sun. No matter what life dishes up, we should keep our dreams alive and pursue our passion, hopes and aspirations.

The last few years have been challenging for all of us as we find ourselves in times of change and uncertainty. Seasons of change hit home for me personally when my parents passed away. I found myself in a period of reflection. These songs were written in times of joy, sorrow and triumph, yet with an eye on eternity. Life is speeding by. My hope is that we all will take the time to prioritize and tend to the important things and important people and relationships, and not just chase the mad pursuits of this life.”

Following this spirit the album starts with Straight Path. Patrick's melody run is echoed by David Mann's horns. Jeff Lorber adds some delicate Rhodes phrases. Patrick dedicates the following song Into The Sunset to his wife. The easy going song symbolizes his hope for liberation of all troubles and pursuits.

Patrick developed the dynamic theme of A Message with Lorber's help from some raw music material he previously recorded. The magic of Just Let Go bases on Dave Koz sax mastery and Irene B's sultry vocal participation. Easy riding the road with your cycle. This feeling of freedom, freshness and swiftness is all to find in Slipstream featuring Rick Braun on muted trumpet and flugelhorn.

Live life to the fullest is the message of the speedy Time And Chance with a grandiose interaction of Lorber on Rhodes, Patrick on organ and David's horns in between. Crows On The Lawn showcases Eric Marienthal in a horn propelled piece with organ application. Patrick wrote Tears From The Sky for his dad, who passed away on Patrick's birthday followed months later by his mother. The song is full of sadness and melancholy, but also full of inner peace and trust.

With the uplifting Rush Street Patrick assimilates his memories and imaginations of Chicago, where he lived for four years. On the title song Patrick and Jeff share their brilliant skills on organ, moog and everything else with keys. The Empress Of Dalmatia reminds of the great 70's concept albums of Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Pictures of An Exhibition) revealing the beauty of the Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik overlooking the shimmering Adriatic Sea.

Under The Sun is an homogeneous fusion jazz album of Patrick Bradley, a blessed composer and musician, and the fusion jazz expert par excellence Jeff Lorber. Compared to other Lorber productions Patrick knows to show his own signature sound, that makes his album so unique.






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Album Information

Title: Under The Sun
Artist: Patrick Bradley
Year: 2011
Length: 0:52:55
Genre: Fusion
Label: Patrick Bradley


01 Straight Path [4:31]
02 Into The Sunset [4:11]
03 A Message [4:57]
04 Just Let Go [4:58]
05 Slipstream [4:41]
06 Time And Chance [5:02]
07 Crows On The Lawn [4:41]
08 Tears From The Sky [5:58]
09 Rush Street [4:17]
10 Under The Sun [3:46]
11 The Empress Of Dalmatia [5:53]