Bona Fide is a project of singer, songwriter, music producer, cook, writer, bon vivant, TV show host, screenwriter, dog lover, jolly good fellow, all-around creative guy Slim Man. The first release was Royal Function (1999), followed by The Poe House (2001) and Soul Lounge (2005).

The initiative for the fourth album came by guitarist Marc Antoine, who offered to write some songs, play guitar, and produce and mix the whole CD. The project was successfully funded via Kickstarter. Both musicians were joined by John E. Coale (drums), George Hazelrigg (piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3, Moog, Clavinet), Kevin Levi (sax), Hit Man Howie Z (percussion), Geoff Hazelrigg (bass), Rick O'Rick (rhythm guitar), Paul Shilts Weimar (sax) and Greg Boyer (trombone).

Slim doesn't sing any ballade but plays bass. Bona Fide is an instrumental only project. His passion for cooking Italian cuisine comes in the first piece to fruition. Delizioso is the Italian word for delicious. Anyone who has a passion for acid jazz will love this piece, which offers a great range of vintage keyboard instruments all packed into a flaming rhythm.

Bag of Bones is a term for a very slim person. No, it's not Slimmy. He loves his own creations. Short sax blows, a hypnotic bass run and a glorious Rhodes play, that's the backbreaking fun. Double Clutch is a sound collage that slowly set you in trance. The vibe of the organ receives a repeat on the snare rattles.

After this acid jazz excursion the album drifts into the smooth jazz realm with Mitch Mitch. Piano and guitar performance are fiercely echoed by Kevin Levi's sax. On the Streets turns on the volume and rises the speed. Mrs. Sample pops up the vocals. A Lobby Interlude offers a bass driven Fender Rhodes garnished with flute, trumpet and other sorts of instrumental injections.

Soul Me is one of the songs recorded at Marc's Madhouse studio. A better title would probably be Funk Me. There is a big bunch of Funk and acid jazz in the longest tune of the album. It is obvious that Paul Shilts Weimar, who has a great affinity for acid jazz, accepts the sax lead. But most of the funky stuff we owe to George Hazelrigg's keys.

A reggae on this album? Bad Dude makes it possible. Greg Boyer adds his charming New Orleans influenced trombone. King is a composition by the keyboard master Hazelrigg. A piece on which he can live out his musical fantasies. Slim Man's pet is called Batu. One can read a lot about this dog at Slimmy's website. Now he got an own tribute. The latest song 823 is influenced by Jean Michel Jarre. Listen to it and you know what I mean.

The album Bona Fide reminds us of a genre, of which we hear very little nowadays. Thanks to Slim Man and Marc Antoine collectors can add a new laudable CD to their anthology.







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Album Information

Title: Bona Fide
Artist: Bona Fide
Year: 2014
Length: 0:56:05
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Innervision Records

01 Delizioso [4:31]
02 Bag of Bones [6:06]
03 Double Clutch [6:30]
04 Mitch Mitch [4:02]
05 On the Streets [5:18]
06 Lobby Interlude [5:40]
07 Soul Me [6:41]
08 Bad Dude [3:05]
09 King [4:08]
10 Batu U [5:23]
11 823 [4:42]

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