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For You

From time to time it's a real pleasure to listen to an album and writing about it. Bob Baldwin's "For You" is one of these albums tickling all my senses. You could also call this album "Joy", because this album sprays the purest zest for life. "For You" is a release especially designed for the UK musik market coming out at 18th February '02 exclusively at Expansion Records. It contains tracks from Bob's earlier album "City Sketches 1" (Welcome To The Games, El Ambassador, Stay, Downtown Underground, Freedom Parkway) and new stuff, which was recorded in 2001 and only available over Bob's website It is rumored, that "City Sketches 1" will be re-released under  another title. 

Bob Baldwin has often changed the labels. Malaco Records (1988), Atlantic Jazz (1990 -1992) and Shanachie (1997) were stations of his solo career. Those who are familiar with his musical quality, will not understand this lack of interest of the music industry. But Bob as a thoroughbred-musician has never given up to produce music. Thank you, Bob! We have also to thank Ralph Tee for supporting this kind of music with his label Expansion Records / Passion Jazz. Without enthusiasts like Ralph, the music-scene would be markedly poorer. James Lewis (DJ at Solar Radio and editor at Smooth & Soul) was the mediator between both as you can read in the booklet and at Bob's website.

Bob comments his album: "The musicianship on this CD is extraordinary. This is some of the best talent in the New York (my roots) and Atlanta, Ga. (where I live) Metropolitan Areas. They gave their great musicianship to this project and I am proud to have been the happy recipient, of which now I get to share with you."

Sounds of Brazil is a magic voyage into Brazilian percussion with cuicas, timbales, ganzas, repeniques and of course a well-disposed Bob on ebonies and ivories. Fred Vigdor throws in a fantastic sax solo. 

Welcome To The Games is one of my all-time favorites. An absolutely hooking melody, you will never forget, combined with a sophistic arrangement, played in by high-professional musicians. This is celestical Smooth Jazz. You hear Bob on the summit of his musical skillfulness as keyboardist and pianist. This is a must for JazzFM's playlist and would be a runner.

The title song For You features Porter Carroll jr. singing a smooth love ballade. 

Groovy is the next tune Home From Work. Listen to Bob's typical pipe organ sound and his piano runnings. Phil Hamilton plays his distortion guitar and Fred Vigdor 's sax blows you from the seat.

On Freedom Parkway Bob develops some African-Caribic mood with steeldrums and the typical Seveto-rhythm. Sharon Bryant 's smoky vocals hit the brain. Sharon Bryant is the original voice of the NY-based Atlantic Starr.

Maurice, The Sound Of His Voice, is an homage to Maurice White, the great Earth, Wind & Fire leader. Excellent piano track revoking the good old EWF atmosphere. I really miss them in Germany.

Bob is very excited about the following tune Stay. He comments: "Some of the highlights you should pay close attention to is the tremendous vocal efforts of James "Crab" Robinson. James sang with the group Change after Luther Vandross went solo. Some of his credits over the years include Norman Connors, Will Downing and Jeff Lorber, to name a few." I can totally follow your excitement, Bob.

My Soul Mate (Theme From The Bell Curve)  is a tribute to courage, bravery, and those who lost their lives in New York, September 11, 2001. 

Yesterday, the famous Beatles song, is masterly covered by Bob on piano. Bob gives the tune syncopated modern jazzy accents.

Us State Of Mind is the next more contemplative tune. A further opportunity to listen to Fred Vigdor 's blessed sax  and Bob's beloved pipe organ sound and piano play.

The Ambassador  is a smoothy bar track. Dion Polk compares Bob's piano play with Joe Sample in the sharpness of note. This tune is a good example for his description.

Downtown Underground is an awesome jazzy final curtain. A funky rhythm with Bob's bright-mooded keyboards and Fred Vigdor 's hip sax. Captured anew by Bob's mesmerizing wizardry of piano, I can state: This album is the media-event of 2002.






The musicians:
  • Bob Baldwin - Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Drums
  • Judah Williams - Percussion (1)
  • Emedin Rivera - Percussion (1, 3, 4, 10)
  • Fred Vigdor - Saxophone (1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 12)
  • Dr. Derek Scott  - Guitar (2)
  • Porter Carroll jr. - Vocals (3)
  • Damon Banks - Bass (3)
  • Phil Hamilton - Guitar (3, 4, 6, 10)
  • Sharon Bryant - Vocals (5)
  • James 'Crab' Robinson - Lead Vocals (7)
  • Tony Lewis - Funky Drummer (9)
  • Avery Johnson - Bass (11)
  • Forrest Robinson - Drums (11)


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