Berklee graduated guitarist Bennett Brandeis has performed in the past with the Japanese group Shonentai, and the reunited Original 5th Dimension. He started his solo career with the album Jazz Guitar (1995), followed by The View From Above (2001), Storytelling (2006) and this year Groove Time.

The new album is produced by guitarist Paul Brown, who also performs on selected tracks. Bennett is joined in addition by Greg Adams, Elan Trotman, Ricky Lawson, Darren Rahn and many more. The mid tempo Tell Me About It opens up the dance. Bennett's affinity for guitar chords reminds me of George Benson's Ibanez style.

The guitar jam stretches out to Slipstream, where the guitar meets flute in a lovely musical surrounding. Sax and guitar is a popular combination. On Show Your Love Elan Trotman gives the right answers on tenor sax.

The James Brown exclamation Get On Up! specifically implies to get up on the dance floor. A simple meaning we certainly follow in view of this encouraging melody. The heartfelt ballade When I Look In Your Eyes is made for all lovers in the world. Charming! The lilting Now And Again is a nice starter for the Sunday morning. Paul Brown and Bennett join to a fabulous guitar duet.

The subtle piece Between Rivers Elan Trotman features on the soprano sax. The type of guitar processing speaks for the romantic feel of the ballad. With Above The Clouds Bennett tends to higher spheres, although the melody remains accessible. The title song has that uplifting attitude we know by Paul Brown. Bennett adds his signature style and gives the song an own character. With In My Mind Bennett succeeds a sensitive final, touching in its depth.

For lovers of smooth jazz with the guitar in focus, Bennett B's Groove Time is of particular appeal. The fact that Paul Brown has contributed to this album, is in the light of Bennett's wonderful guitar playing of minor importance.







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Album Information

Title: Groove Time
Artist: Bennett B
Year: 2014
Length: 0:37:43
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Baton Records

01 Tell Me About It [4:04]
02 Slipstream [3:55]
03 Show Your Love [4:00]
04 Get On Up! [3:27]
05 When I Look In Your Eyes [3:26]
06 Now And Again [4:44]
07 Between Rivers [3:20]
08 Above The Clouds [3:28]
09 Groove Time [3:31]
10 In My Mind [3:48]