Blake Aaron's typical signature as master guitarist is part of the television shows "MAD TV" (FOX), "Gary and Mike" (UPN), "The Ben Stiller Show" (FOX), "Sunday Night Comics" (FOX), "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special" (ABC), "Gary Shandling's Young Comedian's Special" (HBO), and "The Mother Love Show" (FOX). Those who prefer listening to music only will have attended his concerts with Steve Reidís Bamboo Forest, David Benoit, Eric Marienthal, Maxine Nightingale, Bobby Womack, Carlos Santana, The Funkadellics, The Gap Band, and Voice of the Beehive.

Blake Aaron's music is no secret. Guitar fans will love his albums  With Every Touch (2001) and Bringin' It Back (2003). Now he is back with his new album Desire (2007). All albums are published at Aaron's own label Innervison Records and Entertainment. Further artists of this roster are Will Donato, Jack Prybylski, Rupert Leighton and Richard Hart Quartet. With more than 70 minutes Blake Aaron's new album offers a great assortment of different styles.

Wes Montgomery is a guitar legend. Legions of guitarists are influenced by his style. Ask Norman Brown, Thom Rotella, Nick Colionne or Steve Laury who is their hero. All will answer Wes. Bumbin' On The Wes Side is Blake Aaron's special homage to Wes. The track also contains an excellent piano solo of Steve Weingart.

Paul Brown initiated the uptempo Come On Over. He plays percussion, keyboards and rhythm guitar. A hot and funky burner.

The first cover on this album is Billy Preston's Will It Go 'Round In Circles. Preston had self-produced the song for his album Music Is My Life (1973), selling millions of copies. Blake comments: "Mike and I heard it over a sound system and thought it would be a really good song to cover because it was funky and it hadn't been overdone." 

Shine is a hooking tune featuring Jesse J. on flute. It has certainly the typical Paul Brown flavor but Blake writes his own guitar signature. Blake has originally written this tune for Paul Brown's album one year ago.

If You Were Mine is a moody romantic melody. Featured artist on this track is Tony Guerrero on flugelhorn. Aside from his work in the contemporary and classic jazz fields he has produced albums in a variety of arenas, from jazz to rock to country. Tony Guerrero
has just recorded a new solo album which will soon be released, hopefully.

A waltz is certainly unusual on a smooth jazz album, isn't it? In Her Sweet Way breaks this rule. Very balladic.

Tony Guerrero takes this time his muted trumpet to perform on the title track Desire in a duet with Blake Aaron. Blake has reveals a baroque style in his guitar performance. The last tones fade away on Tony's trumpet.

Aaron also offers a vocal song on his album, Forever featuring singer TJ Gibson. An awesome R&B singer with a great future.

There Will Come A Day shows Aaron Blake on a faithful attitude treating his guitar on the bluesy way. The Blues goes on with Baby Likes The Blues.

Fragile is the title of the following Bossa Nova tune. Blake Aaron  had performed this tune live for years. Now he serves a Salsa version with a hot rhythm part (Hussain Jiffy and Walter Rodriguez), Otmaro Ruiz on keys (that's pure Salsa!) and of course Blake on guitar in a top notch quality. Venezuela born Otmaro Ruiz was introduced into the circle of Los Angeles jazz musicians by Alex Acuna.

Run Away With You is Blake's breathtaking guitar stampede. Jimmy Branley is an expert in Afro-Cuban drumming. The best drummer Blake could choice for this smooth jazz tune with Salsa elements.

Harmonious Funk is dedicated to the genius of Thelonious Monk and Grover Washington Jr.. Starting as a smooth jazz tune with bluesy elements the track slowly changes its style into bebop. A real chameleon.

Short, Sweet And Sexy are the attributes of a lush radio-like song. May be it's Aaron Blake's lure for smooth jazz radio stations.

Spin Zone was supposed to be the first single from the album "Shine" on 215 Records. The plan was to follow up with the full CD "Shine". The 215 Records dream is floored. But Spine Zone survived and that are the good news.

Blake Aaron's new album Desire is exactly that what listeners want: Finest guitar entertainement over more than 70 minutes.






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  • Title: Desire
    Artist: Blake Aaron
    Year: 2007
    Length: 1:10:22
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Innervision Records

    01 Bumpin' On The Wes Side [5:30]
    02 Come On Over [3:56]
    03 Will It Go 'Round In Circles [4:35]
    04 Shine [4:03]
    05 If You Were Mine [4:05]
    06 In Her Sweet Way [4:55]
    07 Desire [5:04]
    08 Forever [4:30]
    09 There Will Come A Day [5:15]
    10 Bady Likes The Blues [5:20]
    11 Fragile [4:46]
    12 Run Away With You [5:09]
    13 Harmonious Funk [4:56]
    14 Short, Sweet And Sexy [3:45]
    15 Spin Zone [4:33]