On Saturday we arrived punctually at the K West, a modern four-star luxury hotel. In reality we were a half hour too early, but who cares. I was flattering. I had to wait, because Dave had a short briefing with his manager Jack Leitenberg during his breakfast. Jack had to do a good job organizing the whole tour.

Then a great hello, when Dave appeared in person. After reflecting about the conversation, I must admit an old fault: I talk too much. We discussed the situation of smooth jazz in Germany, the USA and UK and talked about artists we both know personally. I told him that some artists have problems with the "Smooth Jazz" tag and dislike being classified in that way. I mentioned especially Kirk Whalum and his open letter at his website. Dave was curious to read this message. All of you will know, that Dave already played with great artists like Bob James, Chuck Loeb, Marcus Miller, Mark Isham, the brothers Was, Bob Dylan and even with the Rolling Stones on their Vodoo Lounge album (1994).

Dave already knows London, having visited many times. So he planned this time to go shopping in a jazz music store which Stephen Southam had discovered for him. He had enough time, because the sound check was not due to start until 3 PM. I asked immediately, if I could attend the sound check. If my eyes did not deceive me, I saw a glint of panic in his eyes. But after a short hesitation he agreed. Dave is a true gentleman. Unfortunately my wife insisted on sightseeing London. So we visited St. Pauls and the new Tate Gallery instead. Can you imagine? I felt like a small baby whose lollipop had been stolen.