The cover photograph shows the artist, alone on a stool, after cleanup of a quaint jazz club. An appropriate image for New York Attitude (Four Quarters Entertainment, 2012), by Erena Terakubo with Legends.

Terakubo, barely 20 years old, releases her debut in North America, supported by a veterans Kenny Barron on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Lee Pearson on drums. Trumpeter Dominic Farinacci appears on a few tracks.

Born in Sapporo, Japan, in 1992, Terakubo began learning the alto saxophone at age 9 and later attended jazz workshops led by the likes of Herbie Hancock and Tiger Okoshi. Her first recording, Nightbird, was with King Records, a major Japanese label. The recording featured heavy hitters Barron and bassist Christian McBride.

The group smokes from the outset with the riveting title song. Terakubo sizzles on the alto, with plenty of fire provided by her bandmates. About three and a half minutes into it, Pearson shows his chops.

Terakubo and company continue to thrill with a cover of “One for You,” written by one of her heroes, Sadao Watanabe. Barron and Carter get to stretch out a bit. For her part, Terakubo plays in a style that’s mindful of Kenny Garrett, among others.

The artist penned two of the 10 tracks, with Barron contributing two others. Among the classics are Wayne Shorter’s “Oriental Folksong,” Bronislaw Kaper’s “Invitation” and John W. Green’s “Body and Soul.” But whether playing original music or standards, Terakubo and her pals play it straight with no chaser.