Guitarist Colin Cannon changes up his format and goes for the cinematic with his third release, Intermission (Farewell).

Following In Summary (2009) and Glenville, Cannon says goodbye to the Colin Cannon Quartet, an ensemble that played together for seven years. His new approach involves a small orchestra. The musicians are Cannon, guitars, ukulele, vocals, synthesizer and sound effects; Zak Croxall, electric and upright bass; Tom Hartman, drums; Manami Morita, piano, Fender Rhodes and Melodica; Devin Dunne Cannon, Brik Olson, Madison Straton and Alex Mitchell, vocals; Tomako Omura, violin 1 and violin 2; Allyson Clare, viola; Kristine Kruta, cello; David Carkner, trumpet; Sly Onyejiaka, tenor saxophone and bass clarinet; and Yuhan Su, vibraphone.

“Everyday” picks up the melody at the end of “Your Everyday Prelude.” He plays a two-chord rhythm to accompany the orchestra at the start. The music swells briefly, then softens, as Cannon takes point. The song goes through many changes and paces. It’s like a musical adventure through different elements of an individual’s daily life, transitioning from the commute to work, encounters with other people, emotional highs and lows. A mostly instrumental track, a vocal chant joins in during the build-up to the finale. It ends with the playful laughter of children.

“Intermission” is introduced by the concessions jingle that precedes the showing of a movie in theaters: “Let’s all go to the lobby.” It segues into a tranquil, haunting melody. Soft vocal presentations accompany the soft, ethereal sounds created by the musicians.

Most of the tracks have some vocal element. Multiple voices singing a phrase that’s repeated. Radio broadcasts. Lectures. Telephone conversations. Sometimes, the voices are overwhelmed by the music, but at other times, they come through clearly. It’s an interesting element. The music contains elements of classical, jazz, fusion, rock and electronic sounds.

Cannon is from Rochester, New York. He first picked up a guitar at age 9. At 15, he began study at the Eastman School of Music, where he was named a Fred V. Alati Scholar. At 18, Cannon was contacted by the Berklee College of Music’s World Scholarship Tour. Based in New York City, Cannon has performed at such venues as the Blue Note Jazz Club and the 55 Bar. He has opened for such notables as Larry Carlton, Ron Carter and Russell Malone.