Artur Bayramgalin - Journey To The Sol
  Pierre L. Chambers - Shining Moments
  Candy Dulfer - We Never Stop
  Ella & The Bossa Beat - In The Moment
  Miguel Espinoza Flamenco Fusion - Living in a Daydream
  Christophe Goze - Traveller's Note
  Hakan Nyqvist Horncraft - Inside Looking Out
  Italian Groove Collective - Italian Groove Collective
  Ryan Judd - Echoes Of Peace
  Scott Mayo - Meu Brasil
  Myron McKinley - Sound Alchemist
  Mr. Chair - Better Days
  Chelsea Nichole - Love Letters
  Frank Piombo - A Smooth Collection
  Pure Desmond - Plays James Bond Songs
  Daniel Stein and Stuart Ziff - R For Romeo
  Sean O'Bryan Smith - Musing Of An Occasional Somebody
  Mark Ortwein - It Was Time


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