Blake Aaron - Love and Rhythm
  Paula Atherton - Dancin' Shoes
  Bahama Soul Club - Sundub Society
  Dave Bass - Trio Nuevo
  Cliff Beach - You Showed Me The Way
  Beat Funktion - Skywards
  Betty Bryant - Lotta Livin'
  Robert Christa - Crispy Duck
  Miles Davis Quartet - In Concert At The Olympia Paris 1957
  Fahrenheit 702 - Gettin' In The Game Vol.1
  Christophe Goze - Reminiscence
  Adam Hawley - What Christmas Means To Me
  Reza Khan - Mystical
  Rod Kinny - The Definitive Collection
  Nancy Erickson Lamont  - Through The Passages
  Jack Lee and Nathan East - Heart And Soul
  Elliot Levine - Sugar Honey Iced Tea
  Jeff Logan - Indigo
  Mike Di Lorenzo - Play It Cool
  Menagerie - The Shores Of Infinity
  Christian de Mesones - You Only Live Twice
  Darren Motamedy - Grateful
  Mike Murray - Cocktails
  New Visionaries - Roadmaps
  Jay Smith - The Cool And The Smooth
  Joe Taylor - Westside Chill
  The Jazz Defenders - Memory In Motion
  The Park Avenue Experience - West Coast Pier Sunset
  Velvet Dreamer - Under The Mediterranean Sun

  Lauren White - Making It Up As We Go Along
  Ian Williams - Slow Motion Apocalypse
  Patrick Yandall - Dance In The Rain


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