The Italian singer and keyboard player Letizia Lucchesi cannot be classified in one category. She holds a law degree, is an illustrator, laureate in opera singing at the Conservatory of Pescara, composes, plays double bass, piano, arranges, and sings in jazz orchestras.

This is her debut on CD, which dates from last year. On most of the tracks she is assisted by pianist Pino Jodice, double bassist Luca Pirozzi and drummer Pietro Iodice, in addition to guest saxophonist Maurizio Giammarco.

Letizia composed almost all tracks herself, and is assisted on 3 tracks by the Roma Jazz Ensemble Big Band, including the swinging opener 'High wire', a cover by Chick Corea.

She actually scats on the title track and on 'Sound of life', and a little further on she invited the Italian singer Cinzia Tedesco on 'See the light'. The central theme of this CD is life, with its ups and downs.

A vocal jazz album, in other words, about the nuances of our lives.



Letizia Lucchesi


1. High wire
2. Blues for me
3. Angel
4. Itís a miracle your life
5. Moon
6. Sound of life
7. Love dance
8. Dreamland
9. Meninas
10. See the light
11. Portrait of you