Music in our times is often described with a certain kind of label like Jazz, Rock, Fusion etc.. But the musical concept of fo/mo/deep is different from that. They don't seem to care for labels; they put different styles together, just as they like it.

The result can -once again- be enjoyed on their new record The Groovy Goodness. The Groovy Goodness takes the listener on a journey into the groovy and funky sounds of the seventies and the eighties of the last century.

Musical eclecticism is often used as a negative term, just to describe music, which contains nothing unique. But The Groovy Goodness shows, that 'eclecticism' can also be understood as 'music without boundaries'.

The first track 1974 by Finnish drummer Teppo Mäkynen and Jukka Escola starts with a quiet Fender Rhodes Piano Intro, leading into a grooving saxophone theme. Block Party by saxophonist Dr. Keith Newton is a cool up-beat number, resembling the early 'Spyro Gyra'.

Groidology by Peven Everett, the longest track on the album, features N. Michael Goecke with an extended Trombone-solo and Kevin Jones on keyboards followed by Peach Cobbler by bassist and bandleader Ron Fatkat Holmes, a grooving track in a moderate tempo. Then we take a little rest. With As She Walked Away, a medium ballad, again written by Ron Fatkat Holmes and introduced by a soft and smooth piano-passage, played by Joshua Boyd, who also plays a quiet piano-solo on this track.

After that little relaxation we move on with the up-tempo That Song (This Love) by Dr. Keath Newton, the most jazzy song on the Album. The classical fusion number The Price of Suga' by Ron Fatkat Holmes is introduced by an elegiac Saxophone-passage (You Can Love Me Twice the Next Time).This song brings the listener back to the great times of Joe Zawinul and Weather Report.

The album peacefully ends with the touching solo piano piece Chamsa played by Joshua Boyd as a tribute to Israeli Jazz Pianist Shimrit Shoshan who died 2012 at the age of only 29.

The Groovy Goodness is an entertaining mixture of the funky and groovy music of the 70ties and 80ties. The album shows that eclecticism can sound unique, when the right musicians are at work.
© Markus Michel 2014

fo/mo/deep - The Groovy Goodness
Release Day: June 3rd, 2014
Label: RHMedia, LLC.

Ron FatKat Holmes, Basses
Dr. Keith Newton, Saxes
Andre Scott, Drums
Joshua Boyd, Keyboards
Kevin Jones, Keyboards (1974 & Groidology)
N. Michael Goecke, Trombone (Groidology)
Ron Hope, Percussion (1974, Groidology, & the Price of Sugar)


1. 1974
2. Block Party
3. Groidology
4. Peach Cobbler
5. If We, Can Be?..(Piano Intro)
6. As She Walked Away
7. That Song (This Love)
8. You Can Love Me Twice the Next Time
9 .The Price of Suga'
10. Chamsa (a tribute to Shimrit Shoshan)