David Longoria is one of the most important and many-sided trumpet-players in contemporary Smooth-Jazz. He also is a brilliant singer. He worked with Sting, Foreigner, Buddy Rich, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, B.B.King, Boyz II Men and many more. He also has worked as a producer for many other musicians. On February 7, 2014 David Longoria was awarded the Best Jazz Artist award for 2014.

Being classically trained, he has a great range of repertoire, from Classical music to Pop and Jazz, from Flamenco to Salsa and even Disco and House-Music.

On his new album BAILA!, he shows the whole spectrum of his talents.

BAILA ! means the invitation to dance and already the very first track GO FOR IT underlines the invitation. A trumpet melody, which is easy to remember, accompanied by a brisk horn section and some groovy Latin rhythms, which takes the listener into the world of a Cuban night club, followed by the more smooth ALL SHE DOES IS DANCE, in which David Longoria changes the trumpet to a muted one.

BÉSAME MUCHO (originally composed by Mexican composer Consuelo Velázquez) is one of the best-known Love-Songs of the twentieth century and has been interpreted by numerous artists. David Longoria presents the song as a stylish tango with bandoneon/accordeon, Spanish guitars and a string section, followed by the quiet UN BAILE LENTO with some flowery vocals.

CADENZA, originally is a term, taken from classical music. It is that part of a solo concert, in which the soloist ist playing a short improvised passage all alone until the orchestra comes back, playing the rest of the set together with the soloist. David Longoria does the same: He plays a short trumpet solo, in which he shows his brilliant technique on his instrument. It is like an introduction to the following up-beat LOVING LIFE, featuring Chris Standring on Guitar; another example of Longoria's keen sense for catchy melodies.

In ZOON BALOOMBA, REFLECTION and DEEPER LOVE, Longoria also integrates some elements of 'house-' and contemporary pop-music like sequenced Synthesizer-Sounds.
This guy masters every style! DEEPER LOVE also features Cece Peniston as vocalist.

With NO TURNING BACK Longoria returns to the more Latin flavor of the beginning of the album. He is supported by the famous Latin-Jazz musician Poncho Sanchez,
who is also playing a solo on the percussion.

HUMAN NATURE is a reminiscence of the great Michael Jackson, who made this song famous in the eighties of the last century, before MUY CALIENTE takes us back to the unique sound of Havana.

LA PUESTA DEL SOL (featuring Marc Antoine on Guitar) is a classical Smooth-Jazz-Track and invites the people just to dance, while DREAM is good to chill out a little bit and
to regain strength for the following LOST IN YOUR LOVE (featuring Therése Neaimé on vocals), a song which certainly rocks the house.

THE GREEN HORNET is an adaption of the famous "Flight of the Bumblebee", a composition by Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Again David Longoria shows here his stunning ability on his instrument.

With A CASTLE IN SPAIN (featuring German Flamenco-Guitarist Ottmar Liebert), we turn back to the more exotic world of Latin-Music. This song won them a 2008 Hollywood Music Awards nomination and award for Best instrumental Song and Performance.

This album is a varied and sophisticated mix of David Longoria's musical work and invites the listener to dance!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen - it's time to 'baila!'

© Markus Michel 2014

David Longoria - baila!
Release day: 2014
Label: Del Oro Music, Studio City, Ca.
Produced by David Longoria


01. Go for it! (Dalé) 
02. All she does is Dance (Baila)
03. Bésame Mucho
04. Un Baile Lento
05. Cadenza
06. Loving Life (featuring Chris Standring)
07. Zoon Baloomba
08. Reflection
09. Deeper Love (featuring Cece Peniston)
10. No Turning Back (featuring Poncho Sanchez)
11.So Cool!
12. Human Nature
13. Muy Caliente
14, La Puesta Del Sol (featuring Marc Antoine)
15. Dream
16. Lost In Your Love (featuring Theres Neaime)
17.The Green Hornet
18. A Castle In Spain (featuring Ottmar Liebert)