Stefania Tallini was a teacher of jazz piano for several years at the Conservatory of Pesaro, and she is currently a professor at the Conservatory of Benevento. Her artistic activity spans collaborations with numerous musicians, film music, abundant performances in both jazz and classical music, creations for theater, television and radio.

Her creative power is also reflected in countless record releases. Uneven (2020) is her tenth album as a leader. Pianist Stefania Tallini works on her new album with drummer Gregory Hutchinson and double bass player Matteo Bortone. A formation that is not born of necessity, but an expression of her advanced experience and the result of a lengthy selection process.

The title of the album is the demand that Stefania makes on herself and her music, and at the same time the listeners can expect from her. In her own words: "The feeling of unpredictability and surprise at setting off upon new pathways together, the exploration of various different possible solutions through a total freedom in thinking about music, and the sense of play combined with lively fantasy".

With A Twin Thought, Stefania delicately approaches her subject of concern. The theme has dynamism, depth and elegance. Nevertheless, Hutchinson and Bortone do not set the direction, but rather only provide accents.

Uneven does justice to its title, the meaning of the word, and its interpretation set by the composer through idiosyncratic, unpredictable playing and the instrumentation chosen. One probably needs such a premise to enjoy the following Il Sogno to the fullest. Il Sogno means The Dream and its Stefania's personal reverie.

The Cyclops Islands (Le Isole dei Ciclopi) are a small group of islands in the Ionian Sea. They are located off the east coast of Sicily. After the kind of musical progression that goes somewhat into salsa, Stefania describes not the loveliness of the archipelago but its fabled origins.

The night is for sleeping or for some night owls for entertainment and amusement. For which type do you think Stefania wrote her anthem In the Night? Bluesme lets it rumble. It's amazing that many listeners only know jazz in this style.

Nell'intramente (In Between) has a narrative character, as is often found as background music for dramatic developments in film or television. The cover of Carlos Jobim's Inutil Paisagem (Unnecessary Landscape) follows this style of the predecessor. Does Gregory use felt mallets? It goes along very quietly. Triotango takes the tango into the absurdities of jazz.

Anna has a melodic character, which gives a lot of time to think and into which everyone can interpret his own emotional world. In a Cave conveys a feeling of confinement and the reaction to this confinement, where the feelings bounce off the walls. If you listen to the same piece on the piano, it immediately takes on a different meaning. That's how strongly the instrument can influence the impetus. Finally a song from the American Songbook, The Nearness of You.

reflects much of Stefania Tallini's musical personality. Her music is not gimmicky or tries to please, it recognizes its intrinsic value and celebrates it at length.








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Album Information

Title: Uneven
Artist: Stefania Tallini | Matteo Bortone | Gregory Hutchinson
Year: 2020
Genre: Contemporary Jazz
Label: AlfaMusic


1) A Twin Thought (4:59)
2) Uneven  (4:20)
3) Il Sogno (4:10)
4) Le Isole Dei Ciclopi (3:30)
5) In the Night (4:02)
6) Bluesme (4:16)
7) Nell'intramente (4:04)
8) Inutil Paisagem (5:42)
9) Triotango (5:11)
10) Anna (4:25)
11) In a Cave (3:51)
12) The Nearness of You (3:24)