Hailing from Rome, Italy pianist Sergio Romano has studied composition at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, where he also got a diploma in pianoforte. After a long professional career he has now released his debut album Skies (2021).

Stylistically, his music belongs to neoclassical pop, as whose best-known representative Richard Clyderman is listed. It's a solo piano album with thirteen compositions all written by Sergio Romano.

The title of the opening piece It All Began Like This has something programmatic. Sergio has been inspired by the fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach, to whom he also dedicated the piece.

The insightful Following My Thoughts shines with a beautiful and mesmerizing melody. Sergio Romano observed them and sonorously expresses what he saw in his piece Fairy Dance. The color blue usually stands for jazz. Sergio hogs it for his neoclassical approach with My Blue Side.

The First Light Of Dawn underlines the contemplative overall character of this album, which lets the melody work puristically on the piano. The title Sometimes It Rains at Night confronts us with universally valid life wisdom that leaves much to be desired in terms of its expressiveness. The melody laps at our ears like raindrops.

Suddenly, the Sun seems more vibrant as if ignited by the warming power of the celestial star. Memories of September and When I'm Alone emphasize the melancholic note, which never slips into nirvana but is firmly dedicated to melody.

That Joy of Summer brings back into play the cheerful stimulating side of life. Walking In The Rain and The Raindrop again focus on the rainfall with a bit of onomatopoeia. The album closes with Beyond The Sky devoted to the vastness of the landscape.

Sergio Romano brings to our ears with Skies that expressivity can also be shown with only one instrument, the piano. The music is unadulterated and works only with the inner beauty of its melodies.







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Album Information

Title: Skies
Artist: Sergio Romano
Year: 2021
Genre: Neoclassical Pop
Label: AlfaMusic


1) It All Began Like This (4:37)
2) Following My Thoughts (3:42)
3) Fairy Dance (3:43)
4) My Blue Side (4:06)
5) The First Light of Dawn (3:59)
6) Sometimes It Rains at Night (3:54)
7) Suddenly, the Sun (2:44)
8) Memories of September (2:43)
9) When I'm Alone (2:55)
10) That Joy of Summer (3:07)
11) Walking in the Rain (2:46)
12) The Raindrop (4:00)
13) Beyond the Sky (2:56)