Monkey House is a band consisting of the core members singer, songwriter, keyboardist Don Breithaupt, drummer Mark Kelso, bassist Pat Kilbride, and guitarist Justin Abedin.

On their new album Friday (2019) the band is supported by the elite Toronto horn section of William Sperandei, Vern Dorge, John Johnson, William Carn and Tony Carlucci, as well as percussionist Art Avalos.

The new album is written by Breithaupt with the exception of one cover. Those who are not familiar with the music of this formation, will quickly remark by listening to 10,000 Hours that this music is neither jazz nor smooth jazz. According to my own musical experience the group is comparable to 10CC, Godley & Creme or Steely Dan.

Nevertheless songs like Nine O'Clock Friday have enough sonic power to climb the charts. No wonder that the album landed directly on the first place of the jazz charts of iTunes this week. This is not by chance due to the broad instrumentation of the songs.

Shotgun bangs directly into your ears like a song of Bruno Mars or Pharrell Williams. Welcome To the Rest of the World combines addictively a fine horn arrangement with Breithaupt's vocal prowess.

Book of Liars is a song from late Walter Becker's solo debut 11 Tracks of Whack (1994), which is meanwhile an integral part of Donald Fagen's playlist on many of his concerts. Don Breithaupt as a lifelong Steely Dan fan regards his interpretation as a tribute to Walter Becker.

The Supertramp inspired The Jazz Life reveals a special vocal treat. The Manhattan Transfer create the choral background with their very own magic. I'll Drive, You Chill narrates the story of a woman, who is ready to embark on an adventure by getting into a car with a stranger. The outcome is uncertain and perhaps morbid.

Say It For the Last Time allures with harmonies who could be by The Rippingtons. A tale about the ruins of a relationship. When the Mud Men Come plays with the unusual notion or expectation of a paranormal phenomenon that may be the consequence of one's own life experience.

Because You is a song of praise about the person in our lives who pulls you out of the mud and gives your life a new meaning. Brainyard celebrates the Ska time with a surreal text. Some texts, such as of the song Island Off the Coast of America, are so cryptic that their meaning cannot be grasped even after repeated contemplation. This is then regarded by most as art.

Don Breithaupt considers Friday his best work yet. That's why he wants his album to be as widely distributed as possible. Don comments: "Itís the place where my best artistic energy ends up. Itís not a side project. Itís my main statement." If you judge the album with only one adjective, then it would be "original".







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Album Information

Title: Friday
Artist: Monkey House
Year: 2019
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: ALMA Records

1 10,000 Hours 3:38
2 Nine O'Clock Friday 5:45
3 Shotgun 3:58
4 Welcome To the Rest of the World 5:05
5 Book of Liars 4:28
6 The Jazz Life (feat. Manhattan Transfer) 5:33
7 I'll Drive, You Chill 5:50
8 Say It For the Last Time 4:06
9 When the Mud Men Come 5:25
10 Because You 4:20
11 Brainyard 3:44
12 Island Off the Coast of America 4:45