CM –Jason, I’ve seen the interviews on your website and I ‘d like to use one of your questions: When did you know that Music would be your life’s work? 
JM – In college. Living in New York, I got to hear great artists in the clubs there. They had great songs and great melodies.
CM – What motivated your decision to produce a second tribute album to Grover Washington Jr, ‘2 Grover With Love’? 
JM - I’ve been listening to the old Grover Washington Jr. records and realised how many great songs I’ve missed. Grover could really play jazz – he could play anything.
CM – When I listen back, I hear how soulful his playing was. 
JM – Exactly. Soulful and melodic.
CM – Bob Davis is quoted as saying about you “Jason Miles is doing a whole lot more than most to make sure that the legacy of Black music is something that indeed will have a future”. Is this a thing you’ve consciously set out to do? 
JM – It’s just what I do. I have worked with so many black artists my whole career. I have always been into the music of Motown, Stax, and jazz of course. I have been drawn to that music as an influence. That is why I have spent so much time  bringing the focus of the music to the public eye.
CM – You mentioned to me separately that Global Noize have new material and also touring commitments for the fall. Could you tell me more about that? 
JM – Yes, we’re working on the songs right now. We have a concept for the album but we’re not talking about it yet. We have a new manager and we’re going to be doing live dates. We’re trying to get to Europe also.
CM – You’re playing the Monterey Jazz Festival I believe? 
JM – Yes, September 18th.
CM – Is DJ Logic part of the band again? 
JM – Yes, he’s an integral part of it. We have a 6-piece band that also includes a female Indian singer. She has a fabulous voice.
CM – How did you meet DJ Logic? 
JM – I met him at the Moogfest in October 2006. I was having a bad week and then he called me and said ‘do you want to play a show at the Blue Note together?’ I said ‘sure, when?’ He said ‘tonight’ – so we did a show starting at 1 AM, which was great. Since then we’ve played to very receptive audiences in Marrakech and we’ve played New Orleans too.

CM – I read that you’re interested in electronic chill music – that’s massive in Europe. Do you think you might produce/record a CD like that? 
JM – There are elements of that in ‘What’s Going On?’ the tribute to Marvin Gaye. It’s done in a very melodic way.
CM – I always ask this, but with a huge list of artists that you’ve worked with, is there anyone you’d still like to work with? Have I got you there? 
JM – I’d like to work with Bebel Gilberto, I’d like to work with Derek Trucks more and also Kirk Whalum. I’d really like to work with Dr John – he has that New Orleans thing going on… And I’d like to work with some older artists who may be looking for a change of direction.
CM – I heard the CD you worked on with Freddy Cole. I never heard him before I reviewed that CD…
JM – ‘In the Name of Love’, that is a great record.
CM – Whose music are you currently listening to an enjoying? 
JM – Christian Scott, Stacey Kent, Patricia Barber, Melody Gardot. I like to listen to Suzy Bogguss too – I’m so proud of that record we did together. All the songs on it are great and they all have a character.
CM – Well, Jason, thank you. I’m looking forward to the new Global Noize album and to keeping up with you over the coming weeks and months. 
JM – Thanks Chris.