Caroline Waters


Caroline Waters is a performing artist of extraordinary ability. She is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, writer and composer, expressing her life experiences powerfully through her words and music. She is an amazon with flaming red hair and a four-octave range, who touches people's hearts profoundly, makes them cry and laugh and feel the depth of their emotions.

Caroline Waters was born into an entertainment family. Her father was Per Asplin, a vastly successful singer, jazz pianist, movie star, comedian, writer, director and producer. Caroline watched him work and build his empire, worked side by side with him most of her upbringing, - composing, performing and producing concerts, musicals, television series and albums. The first time she walked up on stage was in the middle of her dad's concert at age two. Prompted by no one but her own desire to perform, she insisted on singing a song, confidently demanding the attention of the audience.

Caroline got her first film role at age three as Caroline in "Putti Plutti Pott". This show has aired on national television in Norway every Christmas Eve for more than two decades. She got her first theatre role as Kamomilla in Torbjørn Egner's "Cardamom Town" at age seven and toured with the National Theatre of Norway. Caroline played all six lead roles in the musical "I Found, I Found", which was written for her to showcase her wide range of talent. She acted, sang, danced, played violin and displayed her ability to do comedy. She did a thousand performances, at Chat Noir Theatre in Oslo, and toured Norway and the US. This musical became a TV mini series, which Caroline starred in at age twelve.

Caroline Waters is frequently hired to represent Norway as one of its preeminent artists. She performed for the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, for the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. She was also hired to represent Norway in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration of Statue of Liberty in New York, with US Vice President Walter Mondale in the audience, an event that was televised to five hundred million people. Caroline was recently hired to perform for the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce's Annual Christmas Gala and for the Royal Gala Dinner at the California Club celebrating Crown Prince Haakon's first official visit to California.

Caroline Waters wrote, arranged, performed, produced and released her first solo album, Compassion, on her own record label, CIA Productions. She received outstanding reviews and coverage in the media and successful distribution in Europe, Japan and Canada. Caroline was headhunted by MTG Productions and Sony Music Norway for her second solo album, Talk With Eve, which was successfully distributed throughout Europe.

Me Jane, Caroline's alter ego stage persona, was created as a warm up act for Caroline Waters Band at the annual Wild Waters Party in Oslo. Me Jane is a cross between Nina Hagen and the Spice Girls and Norway's female answer to Austin Powers. Me Jane has released a dance single: "You're Just Too Cool" and a video: "Me Jane Goes To Hollywood".

Caroline Waters recently moved to Los Angeles after receiving a greencard and status as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability in the Arts. She has established a solid fan base within the LA jazz-pop scene and given numerous concerts with her band.

There are several events that have transformed Caroline's life profoundly: She has been a working professional from age two, living an extraordinary adventure of world travel, stardom, responsibility, and public image. It has taught her exceptional discipline, skill, endurance and staying power. She has learned how to dance with the media and constantly renew herself as a creative artist.

Caroline was hit by a car in the summer before her last year of high school. She was clinically dead, went in the tunnel, saw the light of creation and met two angels who told her that she had to go back and continue her work. She came to with a serious head injury, heightened psychic abilities and several broken bones. It took four years of intensive training and therapy to fully recover. Although it was a painful transition, it taught her the power of her emotions and opened the floodgates to her creativity wide open. She began to explore the depth of her core and was left with no other choice than fully embracing her independence, her artist, her passion and her own creative journey.

Perhaps the one of the most painful events in Caroline's life was when her best friend and soul sister, Stefanie Stroh, became missing in the Nevada dessert. Caroline flew across the Atlantic, rented a car, bought a gun, and meddled with the FBI investigation for almost a year. Her psychic abilities let her dreams and visions guide her through an incredible journey of police work, serial killers, dessert insanity, prostitution, cult activity, and UFO encounters. Caroline's first album, Compassion, was dedicated to Stefanie, who continues to be missing.

In addition to her career as a songwriter and performer, Caroline Waters' credits also include music for film and television, as well as, the Norwegian voices of Christopher Robin and Roo in Disney's Winnie the Pooh.