Stanley B


Stanley B plays the piano since the age of four. At the age of nine he joined the city boys choir and in a couple of years he was a backup pianist for the choir main pianist. At fourteen after his big brother did not show up for his band rehearsal, he covered for him that day. The members of the band were astounded by his performances and invited him to replace his brother and join the band full time (his first band), a rock band performing every weekend on large concerts. That was a very difficult decision for Stanley B to make, but with his brother’s help and approval, Stanley B got his first shot at the big stage. The band decided to extend the concert time (typically 45 min.) to 2 hours in order to accommodate the increasing demand and attendance. The band became the most attended act in the city with performances extending to outside of then designated concert hall in an effort to accommodate more than three thousand fans from around the city and the suburbs every weekend.

On the side, Stanley B completed a classical piano school and received a professional piano teacher license at the age of 18. Then he got an opportunity to join a jazz trio and tour around Germany. So he did and after a year of touring the trio got booking contracts one year a head of time and was performing all around Germany and Switzerland.

At the age of 21 on one equation traveling to perform in a festival, Stanley B met his new opportunity: a top-10 band (VISA) that was ready to record an album, collaborating with FSB (free sailing band) the number one band in most of eastern Europe. Stanley B did not think twice and joined the winners. Together they recorded an album (Day and Night) and a single that hit the charts at once (the song day and night) and sold more than hundered thousand in a short period. Then toured around Europe and Scandinavia for a couple of years.

 At that time Stanley B decided to start a solo carrier and joined into some of the most exclusive piano bars and launches in Europe. He played at the Sheraton Hotels, Intercontinental, and more. Also at international festivals, such as the Pori Jazz Festival and award shows, like the Golden Awards and more. In addition he started a band and composed and recorded numerous TV commercial scores for Swedish TV channel 4, while performing concerts in front of thousands at some of the best clubs in Europe.

In addition he completed a ‘recording engineer’ school with a professional certificate and the highest scores. Then composed and recorded his first solo album that did not see the public market scene, since it was sold to an Australian TV station for use on a documentary ‘underwater world’ TV episodes. At 27 Stanley B relocated in the United States and first acquired a recording studio and since then has participated in several albums as a keyboards, piano, programming, engineering, mixing and recorded with some of the best names in the industry. In addition to his solo albums, Stanley B has produced or co-produced more than a dozen other albums.

 Currently Stanley B is working on his next album, scheduled for release by October 2002. Like both “All for love” and “Day and Night” albums Stanley B will continue to explore the “outside of the box”, while working with team of great performers.