Louise Perryman


Blessed with a voice that glides effortlessly over music of many styles, Louise Perryman's dynamic expression and often awe-inspiring versatility has made her one of Sydney's busiest and certainly mostprolific singer/songwriters.

Dubbed "the white woman with the black voice", she is impossible to truly categorise. This charismatic performer explodes the stereotype of conventional R&B with her vibrant stage presence and richly textured voice. Louise is of that rare breed of singer/songwriter who actually embraces her audience, inviting them to join her on a journey of the soul. Her obvious love of live performance has attracted a dedicated and evergrowing fan base who relish the experience of getting swept up in an artistic whirlwind of evocative lyrics and soaring vocals.

Such dedication and energy has attracted the cream of Australia's musicians, from Sydney guitar legend Peter Northcote and celebrated pianist, Bill Risby, to the unique talents of drummer/producer/MD, Kere Buchanan and the incomparable Rick Price, to name but a few. All of the musicians who join Louise on stage have a huge following in their own right - so, as you would expect, any performance is a must-see celebration.

Louise Perryman sings like nobody you’ve ever heard. Soothing and soulful, sensual and surprising, you will find yourself swimming in her voice. Her lyrics will tear at your heart and her extraordinary voice will heal your soul.

Originally from Adelaide in Southern Australia, Louise’s musical journey began as a viola player, studying at The Elder Conservatorium of Music and whiling away the hours at orchestra practice. School camps, a campfire and a few schoolmates who played the guitar, planted the seed that would one day burgeon into the refined, highly-esteemed artist she is today. Louise pursued a career in marketing and advertising before finally deciding that it was time to answer the voice that screamed out inside of her! By then, there had been many nights sitting at the piano writing songs.

With just a suitcase of clothes and a suitcase of music, Louise moved to Sydney in 1987, and has since, amassed an impressive body of work with 4 albums already under her belt. The road has, of course, been long and winding, with all of the twists and turns necessary to make the stories that form the basis of her songs all the more interesting. Louise's career shifted into gear with the release of her first album "Come on-a my house" (recorded at the Sydney Opera House) which launched in 1999 to a packed audience at The Basement. In the same year, The APRA "Composer Exposer" Showcase led to national exposure, with her tracks featured on two compilation albums of Australia's brightest talents. Louise continues to win coveted songwriting awards and is consistently singled out.

In the year 2000, Louise spread her musical wings, picking up the guitar to see if she could write in a different fashion. Indeed she did just that, and once again, her versatility and ability to transcend all genres is showcased, with an acoustic CD, "Nowhere Near Eleven", launched on her MP3 page in March 2001. Next, a superb piano and vocal album of timeless covers, "The Painter and The Bird", was recorded with Bill Risby.

And now, the long-awaited album, "Whisper My Name", released to much critical acclaim and scoring the prestigious 1999 Australian Songwriters’ Association R&B Song of the Year for "Thinkin’ Too Much". "Whisper My Name" is certainly Louise’s finest work to date.

Louise Perryman’s provocative lyrical style, honesty, humour and "that voice" continues to strike the right chord with her peers and her growing audience. She is style with substance... she is raw energy with a slick coating of soul...and she will surely go straight to your heart!

" Whisper My Name" is a superb collection of finely crafted, award-winning R&B from one of Australia's most versatile and energetic performers.

Louise Perryman sings like nobody you’ve ever heard. Soothing and soulful, sensual and surprising, you will find yourself swimming in her voice. Her lyrics will tear at your heart and her extraordinary voice will heal your soul.

Capturing the timelessness of classic R&B, " Whisper My Name", combines Louise’s impossibly pure vocals with Australia’s finest musicians. And the result is truly exhilarating. Stripped of vocal gymnastics and heavy-handed production tricks favoured by so many artists these days, Louise Perryman delivers her own brand of R&B. One can almost hear the studio reverberate with joy at the sounds of real musicians and artists at the peak of their craft. (Thankfully, there is not a drum machine within a thousand mile radius of this album!)

For those not fortunate enough to have experienced Louise Perryman live, this recording captures her vibrant essence and electrifying stage presence. She is as swept up by her music as any listener is – and it shines through on every track. It is an immensely mature album from a woman who knows her subject matter – and sings it with a rare intensity. A gifted writer, Louise skillfully draws you deeper into her lyrical web with each listen. "Whisper My Name" takes you on a journey of love, heartbreak and soul searching delivered with an intense honesty and raw passion. The seductive invitation of the title track segues effortlessly from the quiet pain of "Stay" to the hypnotic rhythm of the award winning

"Thinkin Too Much. Each track is a tribute to the power of positive energy and will bring a special joy to your ears.You will want to come back to this album again and again.

"Whisper My Name" is style with substance - Louise Perryman will go straight to your heart. And the sweet irony is, that with an album titled "Whisper my Name", the extraordinary voice and songs of Louise Perryman will finally be recognised - loud and clear.