Paprika Soul


Paprika Soul was devised and created, as part of a production outlet for Soft Sugar Productions, by Alan Barnes and Andy Spiller in 1993.

Since then Paprika Soul and Soft Sugar have released a variety of material on various formats, and have gone on to receive acclaim and outstanding reviews from some of today’s top Jazz and Soul critics.

Past successes have led to record releases and licensing arrangements in the U.K, America and Japan. Andy and Alan are pleased to announce the completion and imminent release of their 2nd Paprika Soul Album “Into The Light” (BASCD008) which was completed in June 2002 and is currently played by Robbie Vincent on Jazz FM and Dr. Bob Jones on Radio London.

The music is all about groove and diversity. Paprika Soul are renowned by critics for their skill at blending rare covers with original tracks, often praised for the way they reinvent rather than recreate old covers.

Paprika Soul demonstrate their versatility over a wide range of Jazz styles. The music is often described as smooth Jazz but in reality the music of Paprika Soul cannot be pidgeon-holed and is a varied blend of Brazilian, Cuban and American Soul.

“Paprika Soul” is based on 2 ideals; the first striving for musical and production excellence in the studio environment, the second transforming that ideal into live performance that reflects the original idea and expands the material in the live arena.  Judging by the reception of the live band at gigs in and around London, this ideal has proved a valid and worthwhile exercise, for the enjoyment of the musicians and the public alike.


Andy Spiller is the arranger, engineer and producer. Andy also features on all of the tracks as the programmer and keyboard player and composes many of the original tunes, forming the backbone of "Paprika Soul"
Andy has an extensive musical history, he has composed music for television adverts and programs, played, musically directed and arranged for West End Musicals. He has re-mixed tracks for artists such as "The Lighthouse Family", Diana Carroll and Mark Morrison. He currently consults for Yamaha Corporation (Japan)
In his spare time, he devotes himself to producing diverse musical projects.

Allan Barnes is the founder of the "Soft Sugar Productions", "Paprica Soul" and "Fluid Vibes". He is an executive producer and artistic director on all the tracks. He is very much the driving force behind the band, managing and securing the record deals.
Alan is currently D.J.'ing in London, the Midlands and the South Bucks. On September 5th, Allan will be starting the new residency at the "Bluebird" (King Road Chelsia), on Thursday nights, playing mainly World Beats and New Jazz (Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Beats) with regular guests. In Leicester he guests with Ross Hillard (Magic Number) at the Phat Cat Cafe. In Marlow he D.J.'s every two months upstairs at the Crown with Corky and Grant, catering for the Soul, Funk and 'Soulful' house crowd. He has D.J'ed along side Chris Bang and Bob Johnes.

Malcolm MacFarlane studied for a graduate diploma in Light Music at Leeds College of Music from 1983-1986. He was awarded the "eric Kershaw Prize" for Guitar.
At the end of each year Malcolm has performed a wide variety of gigs and worked with various artists including: Matt Bianco, NYJO, Paz, Phil Mulford's "System X", Salena Jones, Jim Mullen, Tony Woods Project, Gerard Presencer Cottle, Brian Kellock, Ian Shaw, Gary Husband, matt Wates, mornington Lockett, dave O'Higgins, Charlie Rouse, Alan Barnes, Rob Hall and Nigel Hitchcock amongst others.
For more info about Malcolm, check out his

Jaqui Hicks studied saxophone, flute and clarinet at Leeds College of Music and started singing during her three years there. She then went on and completed a post-graduate jazz course at Guildhal School of Music and Drama.
She Joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra in 1989 and since then has worked with Shakatack, matt Beanko, The Mulford / MacFarlane Group, as well as many varied sessions and live performances.
She joined Paprica Soul in year 2000 as a guest vocalist.

Paul Coussee, originally from Belgium, studied saxophone (BA) and chamber music at the Brussels Conservatorie, but found out that his intersted lays more in Jazz than in Classical Music.
After being a side musician for 2 years in the Casino Big Band in Monte Carlo, Poli mover to London (UK) where he became a busy session musician. He worked in the West End theatre district, "West Side Story", "Cats", "Chicago", "Blood Brothers" and many more. As a studio musician, he has worked and often recorded with famouse and infamouse Popstars of the day & did countless commercial jungle recordings for radio and TV.
In London, Poli also worked with the BBC radio Big Band & the london Jazz Orchestra with whom he performed some of the world's best known Jazz festivals. Poli has made Toronto his home for the last 2 years and is active in Jazz & theatre scene in Toronto, doing everything from trios and quartets to big bands. He is a much-demand woodwind trebler and also teaches privately.

Christine Glen-Coussee has been performing professionally for 22 years. Born & raised in London (Ontario), Christine studied at the St. peters School for Performing Arts, & continued her musical education and performance at the Humber College Vocal Jazz Program. A graduate of the jazz program, she went directly to perform at Canada's foremost musical theatre in Charlotte Town Prince Edward Island, where she was featured as a jazz soloist in the original production of"Swing"
A session singer Christine's voice is familiar to many audience as the 'Mercedes', 'Levis' and 'Barbie' voice.
She is also the theme singer on children's programs "Why Am I So Funky" & "The Children's Channel". She has travelled and performed extensively throughout Europe and UK with hit dance singles in Europe and Japan. She currently works in the Toronto area.

Mark Claydon is an accomplished percussionist and a recent addition to Paprika Soul. Mark contributes percussion on "Xiababa" and "Samba Recife".
He also joins them for the live gigs.

Gayle Spiller, a former student of the 'Bucks School of Music', is a recent addition to Paprika Soul. A singer and songwriter, she contributes the song "My Baby and Me" to the new album, and also vocals on "Slick".
She performs regularly as part of the duo "Topaz" with Andy Spiler combining her own songs with a variety of contemporary music