Audrey Motaung


Audrey Motaung was born in the Northern Province of South Africa, near Pietersburg, She grew up in a rural environment, going to a school where her father taught, and singing in the local church and school choirs.

But the city of Johannesburg beckoned to a young lady who wanted to sing for her living. A lucky break as back-up singer and percussionist in one of South Africas top rock groups, Jo'Burg Hawk, got her on stage, and later on tour beyond the borders of her homeland.

There was very little place back home for an aspirant singer at the height of the Apartheid in the late 70's, so she decided to take her chances in London. There she began to explore her love for jazz and blues. A work opportunity took her to Germany and there she settled down. Audrey took a day job which meant that her singing career had to take a back seat. She performed only occasionally.

Her recording career began with the release of African Sun, which in turn led to concert engagements, allowing her to go professional again. Mountain Records acquired the rights to this album in 1992. As the momentum of her singing career picked up, she began to travel to major European cities for gigs. She recorded her second album, Colours can't clash, working with trend-setting acid-jazz producers, and this opened up a new fan base.

Throughout her life Audrey has always stayed in touch with her strong Christian faith, and she regularly performed gospel music in churches and at gospel shows. Her third album, Light, issued in 1995, is a gospel and blues record.

Audrey is not only a fine singer. She writes or co-writes most of her own music. Africa is a constant theme in her work and also in her activities in politics. She played an active role in the exiled ANC in her adopted home town of Hamburg, and she is a strong supporter of women's rights.

Musically, Audrey is a bit of a chameleon. She is equally at home performing everything from rock to jazz and blues, and even more serious orchestral works.. She has taken parts in musical shows and opera. Both her live and recording work has been praised by critics, and she enjoys a relatively high media profile in Germany.

If there is one sad element of this success story it is that she is not well-known back at home in South Africa. We hope that this new CD, The Best of Audrey Motaung will re-introduce this talented woman to her former countrymen and women.

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  • Audrey Motaung - Colours Can't Clash:

    A Soul and Acid-Jazz album including many of her own compositions recorded in London and Hamburg. Shows another side of this talented diva. A departure from her world music roots made for a more commercial audience where she achieved some success with this release. MOU41412 - 1993

  • Audrey Motaung - African Sun:

    Afro-Rock from a female singer who later turned to Jazz and Blues. This is her first solo effort after deciding to go into exile from South Africa. Audrey had toured with the group Hawk and with another S African stage show in the 70s when she decided to 'leave home'. She struggled to make ends meet working on the jazz circuit in London for a while. After visiting Germany she struck a relationship with members of the group who back her on this album - Grace. Audrey is an outspoken opponent of Apartheid who sorely missed her homeland. These themes appear in the songs on this her debut album. Re-mastered for this release. MOU7002 - 1992

  • Audrey Motaung - Light:

    Exiled South African female vocalist from the Pietersburg area in the Northern part of S Africa, who settled in Hamburg, Germany in the mid-70s , recorded this collection of Gospel and spiritual songs. Motaung is a community leader who often performs and teaches young singers in the gospel scene in Germany. This album shows one side of this modest artist who has a wide ranging interest in black music from rock to the blues. MOU41792 - 1996