Steve Briody


This NY based guitarist makes his 'smooth-jazz" debut with the help of chart-topping saxophonist Eric Marienthal and the production work of Rippingtons' keyboardist Bill Heller. Spyrogyra drummer Joel Rosenblatt and bassist Schuyler Deale (Jeff Lorber, Michael Bolton) also lend their talents.

The reviews thus far indicate that this newcomer with a funky strat-based sound "displays lines that cover a range from funky, flashy, smooth, and appropriately referencing jazz tradition."

This Long Island based guitarist breaks into the contemporary jazz scene with the help of Rippingtons' keyboardist Bill Heller and sax great Eric Marienthal. Steve's fresh guitar style has been described as "smooth," "soulful," "flashy, yet appropriate," and as "having a strong jazz base." 

Steve, a relative of the late Tal Farlow, has been a busy guitarist in the NY area. His guitar playing and writing has been found on themes for the NHL's New York Islanders, WPLJ Radio, MTV, Toyota, and countless others. Some of the group of diverse artists that he's worked with include Eric Marienthal, Jerry Etkins (Tonight Show Band), Bill Heller (Rippingtons), Joel Rosenblatt (Spyrogyra), Schuyler Deale, Paul Anka, Zach Danziger, Steve Turre, Cornelius Bumpus, Ben Vereen, Rich Little, Lionel Cordew, Paula Atherton, Chrissy Lawless, Don Harris, Mike Ricchiuti, Mario Cruz, Flip De Blasio, and many more. 

Steve lives on Long Island, and always seems to be either
playing, teaching, or watching Mets games. He and his wife Mary
have a 5 year-old son, "genius-boy" Briody, whose hobby is

- an interview between steve briody and tom huber - -

TH - Well, how did it start?
SB - What do you mean?

TH - This "guitar" thing.
SB - Well, after learning some stuff from my big brother, Rich, when I was about 10, I attempted to lift some things off his cool Chicago and Santana records. The key word is "attempt". At that time, I was a much better pitcher in little league than I was a musician. I'm just now facing the fact, being in my 30s, that I probably will never pitch in the major leagues.

TH - Riveting. More details pertaining to music, please.
SB - I went to high school in Hicksville, Long Island. After that, I went to the State University of New York at Fredonia, where I played classical guitar and played and wrote for their big band. It was around that time that I had the pleasure of meeting Tal Farlow. He and my cousin Michele started dating at around that time. They later married.

TH - How cool is that?!
SB - Very... I dare anyone to name anyone who was as nice and unpretentious as he. At this time, I was inspired to transcribe a lot of jazz guitar. After that, I got a gig in Europe for a while with guys who were 800 times better than I was at the time. It actually helped me. After that, I went to grad school at the Manhattan School of Music to study with Jack Wilkins, who is so amazing it's almost ridiculous.

TH - Is jazz your only influence? I detect some funkiness and blues in your playing also.
SB - Thank you Thomas. I am a huge fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton, B.B. King, and a bunch of "crossover" players like Hiram Bullock, Larry Carlton, etc. This has helped because it's enabled me to play with so many different types of groups.

TH - And the idea for the CD?
SB - Well, after being lucky enough to have made a living as a guitarist for the last 10 years or so, I've made quite a few friends. During this time, while doing gigs, sessions, and teaching, I had been meaning to do a CD such as this, and finally got around to it. Tom, ask me if I'm smart.

TH - Are you?
SB - Yes, for asking Bill Heller to produce this thing! When I had gone over to his house to listen to some of the tracks he was working on, I knew 15 seconds into the first song that we had a winner. For that matter, I want to thank everyone who took part in the recording. When I was younger, I wasn't sure whether I would ever be working with world-class musicians, so this has worked out pretty well.

TH - Finally, I've heard you're a pretty slammin' Irish tenor. Is this true?
SB - I know of a good audiologist.