Noel Webb


When everybody was listening to the Beatles and the Beach Boys, Noel Webb was enthralled with Debussy and Tchaikovsky.  At fourteen years old, Noel was accepted into the Boston Symphony Orchestra Organization.  In the ninth chair, he toured Europe, Canada, and America and was regarded as one of the highest new hopes in the world of violinists, playing with Leopold Stokowski. Issac Stern, Leonard Berstein, Walter Eisenberg, and Arthur Feidler.  At college, a fraternity brother slipped earphones on Noel to show off his favorite band.  It was Black Sabbath… and Noel was changed forever.  He immersed his violin in blues, hard rock, country, jazz, and folk.  His musical mentors became Ella Fitzgerald, The Allman Brothers, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles.

        Marion Brown, a member of John Coltrane’s line-up and a friend of Noel, was very much aware of the talent that lay at Noels’ fingertips.  This jazz legend taught Noel the tools to express  blues and jazz from his soul, and immediately well known popular bands began calling on Noel’s talents: John Hammond, Asleep at the Wheel, and many others. Soon afterwards, he became noted as the first “Rock Violinist” in the world, innovating the sound of the violin in rock and mainstream pop music.  He created a format for the violin, full of amazing electricity and cutting edge, something that had never been done before.  Noel has played in the forefront with some of the best bands and musicians in the world, most of which have called on him specifically.  He played with such configurations as REO Speedwagon, The Tubes, Blood Sweat and Tears, John Hammond, Creedence Clearwater Revival, members of John Coltrane’s band, The Rippingtons, Larry Coreal, Chic Corea, Herbie Hancock’s Headhunter’s and with artists such as Marc Isham, Grover Washington Jr., and  Tony Bennett.  Even Bruce Springsteen called about Noel.  His reputation grew.

        In regards to his own music, Noel has toured throughout the country. He played a 22 concert tour in Florida where an estimated 44,000 people attended his performances. His first released CD, “Storm Dance”, created a new union of jazz and classical music.  Noel’s sophomore CD, “Satin Sheets”(Labrador Records 2000 -release May 2000),  has inspired the Urban AC and Smooth Jazz industry to quickly become aware of an incredible and innovative style that will set the standard for the new millennium.  On “Satin Sheets”, Noel combines his sexy jazz violin with smooth, urban, hip-hop beats and soulful accompaniment.  Charting in the Gavin Report after only 5 weeks on the radio, Noel is definitely designing the mold for what is to come in contemporary jazz in the new millennium.  The year 2000 will see Noel performing with many other popular contemporary jazz and urban Adult Contemporary artists around the country as the industry embraces the rebirth of the violin.

Popular Recording Artists & Musicians
(written, arranged, performed with)

Boston Symphony Orchestra  (9th chair prodigy violinist at age 14)
Rick James
Jermaine Jackson II
Radio Flyer
Mark Isham
Cythia Page
Tim Timmerman
River City Band
The Tubes
Blood Sweat and Tears
The Rippingtons
Jud Strunk
REO Speedwagon
Tony Williams Lifetime
John Hammond
Tony Bennett
Marion Brown Band (John Coltrane's Saxaphonist)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ravi Shankar
Herbie Hancock's Headhunters
The Allman Bros.
Grover Washington Jr.


  • Principle actor on the television soap opera "General Hospital"
  • Recurring role on "Mad About You"
  • Co-star on FBI, The Untold Stories
  • Star of many films and Movies of the Week including "The Alamo", "Shadows Behind Me", "Young Riders",
Film Composer
  • "Pentagon Wars" - HBO /  “Storm in the Afternoon” – Incom Films / “The Crow” trailer – American Video Films / “Nine Minutes” – Devlin Files Prod.
  • "Mad Leo" - Farmhouse Prod. / “Silent Love” – Arie Prod. /  “Shadows Behind Me” – Ortner Films / “The Hidden Cage” – Pullman Artists
  • “Russia” – Upper Productions / “The Last Game” – Olive Ranch Prod. / "Catfish and Blackbean Sauce" trailer
  • "Picket Fences" - NBC  / "Star Trek" - Paramount  / "Live Shots" - UPN
  • Commercials: “Sprint” – J. Walter Thompson / “Chevy Geo” – Pearlman Group / “Great American Foods” – Palomar/ “Power Lap Top” – Tasc Productions

Voice Over

  • Narrated dozens of A&E Biographies, TNN Biographies, trailers, industrials, and commercials