Red Velvet Swing


Welcome to the mellow, easy-listening, jazz/pop world of Red Velvet Swing (RVS) . Ours is an up-and-coming band with a sound propelled to new sonic heights by vocalist Janet Thornton, while occasionally descending into world of the "lounge-lizard" with the vocal stylings of vocalist and keyboardist Cliff Howard. Though not a swing band in the strictest sense, RVS lulls and charms with an evocative mix of pop melodies and seductive Latin and world beats. We could be described as "neo-retro".

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Red Velvet Swing originally formed as a vocal duo in 1996, evolving into a 4-piece band in 1999 through the addition of bass guitarist Shaun Warder and drummer Wayne Turone. With the release of Red Velvet Swing’s first CD, "Paramours", they intend to attract an audience that truly appreciates swooning harmonies, refined grooves, and intelligent lyrics. The band recently enjoyed a very successful CD release party at Mesa Luna, playing to a very receptive and loyal fan base. Past successes include winning a semi-final position on VTV’s Dreamseekers, as well as a featured spot on CBC Radio’s Afternoon Show for a province-wide foodbank fundraiser. Some past memorable gigs include such venues as the Waldorf’s Blue Lizard Lounge, Blake’s in Gastown, and the Cellar Jazz Cafe.

With songs that range from playful to haunting, "Paramours" is a CD of jazz flavoured pop served over smooth, sophisticated rhythms.