Rapture Band


Filipinos worldwide are known for their musical abilities. That's why anywhere you go, you can find Filipino entertainers playing at five-star hotels and different pubs and restaurants. Bangkok, the main city of Thailand is one of many cities that hires Pinoy (Filipino) bands. You can find a lot of bands here, and Rapture Band is one of them.

Rapture Band is composed of two female singers and two solid backup musicians. It was formed last November of 1996. Since then, they played at different places around Bangkok, and proved to be capable of entertaining their regular guests.


RENE is the man behind the Rapture Band. He is the band leader as well as the guitarist. He has a lot of experiences playing around Asia. He played in countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and many other major cities. He is a good guy with a great sense of humor.

ELIZABETH, like Rene, toured around Asia. As the lead singer of the band, she has the voice quality that you can find among other professional singers. And she really is a versatile performer, singing different types of songs.

JENNIFER or Jenny, is also the singer of the band and the youngest. She sings most of the fast songs. She came from a musical family, since her parents were both musicians.

NOEL is the pianist/keyboard player. He also sings. When he is not playing music, he's busy updating the band's Web site!

EFREN is the Saxophone player of the group. He was one of the original members of the showband called, The Lord Bees played at different hotels in Manila during the 80s. He has also a lot of experiences playing around Asia.


The Band's goal according to the band leader, is to play together, until they have grandchildren! (he! he!) Some bands today will play together only for a couple of months, then, when they feel that everybody is good, they will disband. So everybody from the Rapture Band wishes to stay as longer as they can play together. And what is the secret? "Understanding among members", according to the Band Leader.

Rapture Band is playing at the Henry J. Beans Bar & Grill at The Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok, from Monday-Saturday.