Chris Plansker


Started in 1996, Plan Music is committed to providing quality original scores for movies, documentaries, theatre and dance as well as computer related projects (web, cd and dvd rom, and video games). Founder Chris Plansker is a 10 year veteran who has written music for such notables like Coke, Marbles, Bally's and Metro Dance Company to a few. Plan Music holds philosophy in which creating Great Music is what's important.

The latest technology and equipment are part of the equatation but seriously pales next to our expertice in composition and production. We hope that you might consider us for your next project. You won't be disappointed. In fact, because we don't hype ourselves with bid ads and the like, we are able to give you something those big places can't. A GREAT PIECE OF MUSIC. That's right. Music, music, music. It's what we do, it's what we know, it's what we love.

It's been said that writing "the hook" is what this 28 year old specializes in, and if you have ever listened to the music of Chris Plansker, then you probably know this to be true. A sense of his melodic sophistication has given audiences from night clubs to living rooms a chance to hum out loud what they may not even realize.

While growing up, Chris was introduced to the piano at a young age. But unlike many children at the age of six, Chris started playing strange compositions that would cause the young boy into 2 to 3 hour long musical trances.

"I use to come home from school and play all day. The only thing that got me away from piano was a call for dinner or the Brady Bunch."

Chris was introduced to Jazz by his older brother.

"We use to listen to everyone .. Monk, Zappa, Metheny, Jaco, Oscar Peterson ... all the heavies."

It was at that point, Chris decided to seek Jazz instruction. Detroit native and barn burner Bess Bonier became the boy's Jazz teacher and was instrumental in molding the sound of this young lion.

Schooled at the prestigious University of North Texas where we had the opportunity to study with the likes of Dan Maerle and Martin Mailman, Chris received a Bachelor of Music in composition. After leaving school, has has recorded nationally and has worked on various commercial projects as well as music for dance and theater.

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