Pegasus Project


When most people hear the name Pegasus, they think of the flying horse from Greek mythology. Others know it as the celestial constellation which bears the same name. The word Pegasus also means "poetic inspiration". It was this lesser known definition that inspired the name – Pegasus Project.

Franklin Spicer, keyboardist/percussionist/songwriter/producer, has long envisioned a merging of modern music with the power of global rhythms and ancient instruments. With Valerie Ford’s embracing vocals and soulful guitar playing, Pegasus Project creates an eclectic blend of new age, smooth jazz, and world beat music.

Their debut CD is entitled Word of Mouth. Franklin clarifies, "If people are truly affected by art they will want to tell others. With this project we're focusing on what we want to say musically, not what we think will sell, but what we hope will deeply affect other people in a positive way. We use what we call 'The goose bump factor': if the energy is there -- and the music gives us chills -- we know other people will react to it as well."

The opening song Pachamama, an Incan word which means "Mother Earth," was inspired by a Peruvian prayer. The song features the musical blends of three different Indian cultures -- master musicians from India, Peruvian chants, as well Franklin’s own Native American influences. These indigenous elements have been combined with modern electronic sounds to create a seductive dance groove.

One People draws its inspiration from the African Tuku style of music. This song celebrates our unity in diversity -- even though we are different in appearance, cultural ideas, and beliefs we share the same world and need for love.

In addition to Spicer and Ford's expressive originals, Word of Mouth also features their interpretations of two timeless pop classics: Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and John Lennon's "Imagine."

Pegasus Project wants to elevate and lift its listeners to a higher level of cultural harmony and understanding. We want our music to be the catalyst that blends together various cultures and ideas, helping to reunite our global family.