Hiroshi Kubota


Hiroshi K. , a formidable force in Japanese Jazz scene, was Born in Hokkaido, Japan 1959. Won the prize in the 16th Electone Festival Japan Finals in 1979 and started his professional career as a composer and a performer. Since his first album "the electric Future" in 1982, he has released 10 more including his latest, "I’ll Always Be".

As an established and highly respected keyboard player, Hiroshi has a huge following of loyal fans who can’t seem to get enough of his music. He is known for his crisp, powerful, aggressive style, as well as remarkable flair for innovation.

Hiroshi K. ' I 'll Always Be '
Hiroshi K.  is one of the brightest stars in Japanese Contemporary Jazz Scene as both songwriter and sparkling keyboardist. A master musician whose songs and groove oriented production is of first rate quality.

On 'I'll Always Be', an exceptional US debut album (collection of the best of his previously released albums in Japan) showcases exceptional talents in his compositions, performances, as well as his arrangements  and production.