Janita was born and raised in Finland / Scandinavia, the home of saunas, millions of lakes, long dark winters and midsummer nights when the sun never sets. Nothing is strange in this country of extremes.

It´s not strange that Janita went to an English speaking school, took latin dance lessons and grew up singing along with soul music that her father, a pilot, brought home from his trips overseas.

So it feels totally natural when Janita blends these elements in her music; soulful melodies, latin influences and pop music. It's all Janita.

She started her career in Finland, recording her first solo album at the early age of thirteen, after a short audition for a record label. The album went into the top ten and the singles were number ones on the national radio play lists.

Janita released three solo albums in Finland and Asia, had several top-10 hits, won local Grammys, the radio association's award for "album of the month", and readers voted Janita "the best singer" and "most sensual woman".

Janita follows her heart in music and life. In the middle of a successful career, when she was only 17 years of age, she decided to disappear from the local music scene and move to NY to start it all over again, this time internationally. She was soon collaborating with some of the industry's heavy weights like Michael McCary (BoysIIMen), producer Jimmy Douglass (Missy Elliot, Timbaland), and working with Sony Records /550 and Warner Chappell publishing.

When Janita set out to do her first US album, she decided to do everything with natural elements and went to studio with her songs, lyrics and some of the finest NY musicians: Gene Lake on drums, Bashiri Johnson on percussion and David Fiuczynski on guitar as well as a 14-piece string orchestra that was recorded in Finland.

"I´ll Be Fine" is the first single from the forth-coming album of pure Janita, an amazing combination of her soulful melodies with a strong twist of latin and pop influences.