James Michael Joseph


Joseph Sliger-founder and the leading force behind James Michael
Joseph.  A true visionary guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, with
the extraordinary talent of translating the music from his heart to the
listener's ear.  A "songsmith" with the ability to churn out soulful
melodies with the complexities of precision and taste.

Steve Christian-bassist and foundation of the JMJ bottom end.  An avatar of music theory, extremely versatile in a variety of styles and
grooves.  His passion and high standards of excellence are a driving
force in the group.  His arranging skills and leadership in the rhythm
section are well rounded and very evident in all of JMJ's work.

Bill Morrisey-guitarist, vocalist and collaborator of the JMJ guitar
sound.  A solid rhythm guitarist with the ability of adding textures
and resounding counterpoints to the melody.  His incredible finesse with
tones and strumming techniques allows breathing room for the overall

Leo Warda-percussionist, drums, vocalist and spiritual guide.  This man
has a huge heart and plays with an intensity that is unheralded.  With
roots in rhythm & blues, rock & christian music, he brings a fresh blend
to the mix.  His polyrhythmic styles and electronic programming are an
asset to the group.

Chris Pearre-keyboardist, vocalist and programmer.  The final key to the JMJ sound, blending traditional keyboard sounds with synthesizers.
Painting with a pallet of colors, he provides balance between the rhythm
section and the melody lines.  His fills and textures add to the
serenity of the sonic landscape.

James Michael Joseph......The Magic is in the Music!