Gillian Gordon





Artist description

Gillian writes smooth jazz , soul, R&B and Chill Out. She is a writer and arranger, not performing as live musician.  Gillian also works as producer using the pseudonym Lou Eeeze.


Music Style

Everything that grooves and has got soul and flow.


Musical influences

Own Soul, UK and US-Soul.


Similar artists

Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire, Shakatak, Mezzoforte, Will Downing


Artist history

Started with pop projects in Germany and the U.K. , has had a few songs as possible productions with Chaka Khan and Randy Crawford and later worked with Iwan Van Hetten of Candy Dulfer Funky Stuff. Gillian constantly works with several artists and musicians. Get newsletter for latest informations.



Keyboards, Rhythmguitar, Percussion, Backing voices



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Mainly Europe



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