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Smooth-jazz singer Frances’ newly released album shows signs of a talent that is undeniably destined to tug at the heartstrings of music lovers all over the world. With a very unique sound unlike any other, her sexy, sultry voice is both clear and intoxicating. Frances sings of subjects of the heart. “ Being an introspective person”, she says, “ I write about things that come from my very being. My songs are born from my spirit.”

Frances grew up in the church and has a strong faith in God. Singing soprano, alto and sometimes tenor in many church choirs influenced her musical style as well. Frances made a guest appearance on the Dale Evans-Rogers show that airs internationally. On this album simply titled, So Far Away From You, she collaborated with the well-known guitarist-producer Jon Carey, who has worked with individuals such as the Chi-lites, Al Wilson, Gary Bias(Earth, Wind &Fire), Mpulsz, etc.

The current single, Love Needs To Flow co-written by Frances Busby and Jon Carey, talks about how universal love should not be confined in one relationship. It can flow into so many other avenues that would allow a single person to make a difference in the world. So Far Away From You, another song on the album that was co-written by Frances and Jon shows her sensitivity, and that love is a constant in her music.

Frances has always aspired to be a singer, which was influenced by her upbringing while growing up on the eastern shores of the Mobile Bay in Alabama in her hometown of Montrose. She mastered the art of four-part harmony while singing with her eleven (11) brothers and sisters. She states, “While other kids were outside playing, Mama had us at the piano singing harmony.” Of course, music was in Frances’ blood from birth, because her mother and father were both musicians. Her cousin Adrienne Williams was an Ikette with Ike and Tina Turner. One of the songs on this album, With You, was written by her brother Stephen Tullos, also a musician and songwriter.

She continued to be involved in music even while attending Alabama A & M University, while she majored in English and minored in Art, she was in several singing groups on campus. After graduating from the university Frances joined the singing group Ebony Essence. With their No.1 hit, Unsatisfied Man, they captured the number one spot on radio stations in the southeast for several months. After singing background vocals on many albums with other artists, Frances has come into her own as an up and coming artist who will take the music industry by storm with her vocal stylings and creative writing.

Frances Busby

Far Away From You

The release of Frances Busby’s debut CD signifies a statement of a strong belief in the power of love, and it is presented with a voice that is reminiscent of a sound from “back-in-the-day”! Her rendition of songs like Selfish One and I Had A Talk With My Man just seem to take you back to the days when love was more emotional than visual. Her vocal stylings on Get Here are so soothing and allow you to hear the influences of her musical background. She says that, “Growing up, I listened to and appreciated all types of music, from classical to jazz. I sang in church and loved gospel, as well as, the hymns I sang in the Catholic school during my elementary school years.”

Frances wrote lyrics to four of the songs on the CD and collaborated with renowned guitarist-producer Jon Carey (Chi-lites, Koko Taylor) to bring them to life musically. She also worked with renowned saxophonist Gary Bias (Earth, Wind and Fire) and keyboardist, Joel Gaines (The Platters, Gladys Knight), who are featured on the CD. From the up-tempo “By Chance” to the title tune “Far Away From You”, there is a smooth jazz groove that just keeps your ears and your soul mesmerized! You are taken on a journey of sound and emotion that just leaves you wanting more. Being a very spiritual person has enabled this singer/songwriter to give us songs from her heart and her soul!

In the title tune, Far Away From You, Frances states that the lyrics were written to express that distance has no effect on the power of love. Because true love connects our spirits we can still feel one another’s touch, we can still be comforted by the sound of their voice. “These words were born out of my feelings of being apart from my husband for some time while he was on a job assignment”, she states. With the powerful music that Carey has written for this song, as well as, the two others with Frances, he takes all of the meaning of her words and expresses them perfectly in music.

Frances states that By Chance is a song that shows how some relationships are just destined to be. There is a “ knowing” from the time you meet someone that tells you, you were meant to be together. Frances seems to include the universe in the ultimate and overall connection of a man and woman’s romance. The up-tempo beat gives it a flirtatious feel and she delivers it lyrically in just that manner.

The moving selection entitled Pure Essence, is without question, a song that comes straight from the heart of the singer/songwriter. She explains that she is just expressing her pure love for her son who is a “special gift” in her life. “We have a bond that can never be broken and we communicate on a spiritual level. He is my heart”, she states.

Love is not something that can be imprisoned, not something that can be kept shut away and controlled. These are the feelings that emerge from Love Needs To Flow. Frances states that love flows freely from the heart and that “love was created to share, that’s why it’s there”! She is expressing that love is universal and unconditional. “Because I am a very spiritual person, I know that love is the one unifying element for mankind. There are all forms of love, and if we can let it flow into all aspects of our lives and to all the people we encounter, what a wonderful world this would be!” she says.

There are songs on the CD that the artist has taken and made her own, for example, her rendition of The Mama Song, music and lyrics written beautifully by Jon Carey, is presented in the spirit in which it was written, from the heart! You can just feel the emotion pouring out as she sings. And the song, With You, written by her brother Stephen A.Tullos, is sure to awaken the passion in two people in love. It has already been deemed ‘the wedding song’ of the millennium!!! Frances’s sultry and melodic vocals make it as romantic a song as the words themselves!

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