Toni Xucla



Toni Xucla was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1955. At the age of fifteen Toni composed music for amateur theaters and began playing with local jazz bands. By the time he was seventeen, he was playing daily in various jazz clubs in Barcelona together with members of the band "Maquina." Other members of Maquina were Carles Benavent, Eric Herrera and J.M. Paris.  

Toni completed his musical education in the study of harmony, arrangement, composition and improvisation with G. Brncic, Joan Albert Amargos, A. Is, Larry Monroe, Gary Burton, Herb Ellis and Francesc Llonqueres.

In 1976, he formed his first group with Santi Arisa and Xavier Battles, playing his own compositions. Later, he recorded his first LP "Conte del Mediterrani."  

In 1990, he received the reward "Inf-Art/90," organized by "La Caixa de Pensions" of Barcelona, for his composition "Tomi I l' estrella blava," written for contra tenor, flute and synthesizer.  

In 1992, Audiovisuals de Sarria released Tonišs CD "Banda Sonora," where he combines oboes, saxophones and guitars, along with traditional instruments such as mandolin, lute and computer programmed samplers.

In 1996, Toni recorded his CD "Cherry Earrings" at Nazca Music, in Holland, which has been introduced at several European Jazz festivals and in concerts all over Spain.  Besides performing, his musical career includes the teaching of composition and arrangement, in addition to the musical production of several Spanish bands.