Marcus Williams


Marcus Williams was born in St.Louis Mo, on June 23,1964. As a child he was exposed to vast amount of music. His father was a multi talented instrumentalist playing Drums, Vibes and Piano. His mother was a big music lover, so Marcus from a very early age was hearing music from Junior Wells to Charlie Parker. Soon after the death of his mother Marcus was inrolled by his father to take piano lessons and the age of 6. He did not like the piano or the lessons and 3 years later he decided to stop studying the piano and music. When he reached the 7th grade the school contacted his father and had written that marcus has the lips and talent to play the trumpet.

Marcus was excited and he started to take up the trumpet. for the first 2 years he was still not serious and was just happy playing and making new friends in the school band. By the time he reached high school he was starting to want to take the horn and music serious. He asked his dad to teach him how to play jazz and started to study under his fathers direction. He started to search through his fathers records and started listening to allot of music from Clark Terry, Lee Morgan and Clifford Brown. But for some reason he was not able to find his mark with a music and our a trumpeter that he liked. One day while listing to the radio he was introduced to a Miles Davis recording, he was very excited and when he got home told his father about that record! To his surprise his father told him I have that record so Marcus ran to get the record in the fathers record collection and he found his influence as a trumpeter. He like Mile's style and the way he played the trumpet.

Soon after Marcus joined the high school jazz band and started to win awards for outstanding musicanship at the school jazz contest and was awarded a full tuition scholarship to serveral colleges. When her first attended a College in Sringfield Mo, the school was not a challenge for him and he found himself bored and not able to grow. He started to lose focus and droped out soon after. Back home he was looking through some music books and saw an ad for Berklee College Of Music. Again he was excited and sent an audition tape and was offered a full tuition scholarship to attend. From there Marcus went to Boston and studied with many types of musicians that he could understand and could play with. He was excited!! But he felt that he was not still reaching his true goal in music as he started to hear music in a diferent way, what he discovered when he listen to music he always listen to all the instruments and he like making melodies and was starting to feel more of a pull to music composition and production.

Having listen to allot of Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis fusion records he loved electronic sythesizers and thus started to get back to the piano. Once he started to realise this, his father took ill and died of cancer, it was a big blow for Marcus as he felt on his own now. He started to drift from school as the studies were not giving what he felt he needed. He decided that is was time to make a change and drop out of school and moved to Los Angeles. There he met allot of wonderful people who was into music production and jazz as well. He was able to play and study with some very young and talented musicians. It was there where Marcus really learned that he was a composer and music producer at heart. His friend liked his music very much and incouraged him to start a group. The group was called The Marcus Williams Group, the band had allot of fans and started getting word to the jazz labels but they were not able to find a way to sign the group as they felt the music does not have commercial appeal. After showcasing and touring with still no solid offer of a recording contract, Marcus got frustrated and decided to disband his group.

From there he started to focus more on writing music for himself and not focusing on music labels anymore. He really started to get heavy into music using computers and trying to bring a realistist feel to his music works. After a few months, a production company in Washington D.C. was looking for a composer and Marcus was refered and offered the Job. While there Marcus worked on many major interactive projects for Discovery Channel, 20th Century for and Microsoft, Virgin Entertainment. He was also contracted to compose music for a National Project for the Singapore Goverment. Being in Asia was great for Marcus and he decided to take up residents there. After working in Singapore he decide to move to Solo Indonesia. From there he worked over the internet for many production companies around the globe as he was a noted a Midi Expert in Asian Pacific Region. But soon after there was a revolution in Indonesia to oust the president and Marcus and his family left for Germany. He lived there for 2 years but did not find Europe as open as Asia, and he had produced his daughters record and was offered a deal in Asia from Universal Music Asia.

Having recieved that contract Marcus decided to move back to Asia to focus on producing his daughters hip hop project and focus on his jazz music works. He decided to release some of his works on the work titled" Don't Even Go There" and "Max'n had hit #1 on the Jazz Charts 2 time and his mood music works "Meditation" and "Picturesque" and "TIme Alone" hit the top of the New Age Charts 2 times. Thanks to the internet Marcus started to see that he has music fans for his music and the Big Jazz labels had been wrong. Marcus decided to move to the beautiful tropical island of Bali Indonesia were he now lives and creates in his private midi studio and releases his music through his own web site