Scott Whitley



I began playing at the age of thirteen, initially as a drummer. Switched to bass very soon and studied the worlds top musicians and bass players including Mark King, Jaco Pastorius, Mingus, Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm and more in order to become as proficient a bassist as possible. All the while I was also searching for my own sound, taking on board what all these musicians had to offer, but not copying them.

Throughout this period I was also gigging very frequently, playing blues; 60's; rock 'n' roll; 80's chart covers and when possible a little jazz. I was always jumping at any opportunity to play live, just for the extra experience. I would often sit in with bands I'd never played with before and this really helped develop my ear.Throughout the years I've done many TV appearances, radio broadcasts, recording and live performances with many, many outfits and many musicians including members of The Hollies, The Rubettes, The Casuals, Status Quo, Lt. Pigeon, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Gas Co., The Newbeats, Cosmos, Nerve Center, The Animals, Jerry Donahue, Family Affair, 5000 Volts, Herman's Hermits, The Rock 'n' Roll Trio, The Rhythm Section, Brian Poole and many more!

More recently I moved on to the string bass and whilst I really began playing double bass with jazz in mind, I quickly got into (perhaps more into) slapping the thing and now have the facility to play rockabilly, swing, rock 'n' roll etc. as authentically 'as you like'!

One of my more recent projects is a fabulous 3 piece band called 'The Rhythm Section'. The band features one of the best guitarists in England alive today by the name of Tony Thorpe, (Throughout his career he has been guitarist with Wee Willy Harris in the 60's ; seen stardom as guitarist and vocalist with The Rubettes in the 70's; achieved further chart success as front man of The Firm with 'Arthur Dailey He's Alright', hosted his own country show on BBC 2, studied jazz and played with greats like Tal Farlow, and made his mark as a serious blues player with Gas Co.) and super drummer/percussionist Liam Barber.

The most important thing that's happened over the past couple of years is the explosion of my Solo Bass material. For many years I have been writing, recording and producing this kind of music, but only recently have I had the oppertunity to unleash it on the general public. It's a very exciting time for me and I invite everybody to check out my stuff. You can listen to it instantly on I would really love to hear your comments, good or bad, and would love to hear about your own projects!

Although I have a busy schedule, I am always interested in working on projects with other musicians and it's always nice to meet players, so anyone please feel free to contact me any time for whatever reason (...well almost!!).

God bless,

Scott Whitley