Rupesh, born in 1958, hails from Mexico City, has dedicated 25 years to the study of Eastern and Western percussion and to spiritual growth.

An eclectic musical career, Rupesh has traveled extensively in the US, Japan, Latin-America and India, recording with Upanishad, recognized for their performance at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Deuter from Germany, and in 1994 releasing his debut album Laughing Drums (Bauer) followed by Living Drums (Bauer) in 1997.

Rupesh recording for Nazca Music include Dancing Tribe, Let go, and most recently Inside Out. Rupesh unites his skills as a performing percussionist, his fascination in body awareness and grounding techniques and offers worldwide workshops which are especially well received in India, Japan and Europe. Evident in the Rupesh experience are decades of world influences that blend Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, and Eastern rhythms along with select modern elements of ambient trance and techno music.