Andrew Rosz



Andrew Rosz began playing guitar at age five.  Encouraged by his parents, Andrew’s family moved to Florida in 1966 when Andrew was only nine years old so that both he and his talented older brother Jeff could continue with their musical training under the direction of some of the best music instructors available.  Andrew enrolled in a formal musical training program at age fifteen with Mr. Vincent Bredice who at the time lived only two blocks away from world-renowned guitarist/songwriter Eric Clapton.  At that time when Eric was still establishing his own success with the band "Cream," Eric would often sit in on Andrew's lessons with Mr. Bredice and often complimented Andrew on his tremendous musical talent.  As Andrew entered his twenties however, his career took a different path… Discouraged by his older brother’s tremendous success as a concert pianist, Andrew never imagined that he could ever develop his musical talents to equal those of his older brother Jeff; who at nineteen, was performing piano concertos and live concerts with many well-known philharmonic orchestras to sold-out crowds on a regular basis.

Andrew then attempted a career at professional tennis while concurrently earning an accounting degree in pursuit of a more stable and traditional career path.  After reaching the top 100 on the professional tennis circuit, Andrew obtained his CPA license in 1981 and practice both public and private accounting for over fifteen years reaching respected executive CPA and CFO positions within the business world.  After many years of corporate success, Andrew retired from mainstream corporate accounting few years back to enable him to spend more time with his family.  Andrew then returned to his music where new technologies, new music, and access to a state-of-the-art recording facility were finally within his reach.

Although a great CD in its own right, Andrew’s first release entitled "Good Foundations" was essentially a learning experience and not originally intended for public distribution.  Rather, the "Good Foundations" CD provided Andrew with the skills and experience necessary to create his masterpiece CD release entitled "Take One" which features seven hit songs of the ten from the playlist.  In just a few short months since its release, the "Take One" CD made it to #1 on the IUMA charts under both "Instrumental" and "New Age" genres, and has provided Andrew with the recognition and success to enable him to keep doing what he seems to do best… Writing songs and recording easy listening "crystal clear" guitar music that you will enjoy listening to over and over again.

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