Tyler Rice

Born August 8, 1972 in Denver, Colorado.

Tyler was raised in an environment where music, especially jazz, was always around him. At the age of 2 he began his musical career by spending hours pounding on pots and pans with wooden spoons. When he turned 4 Tyler graduated from the kitchen floor and got his first drum set. This was when he knew that music was in his blood. Tyler continued playing drums through school only stopping long enough to take his piano, bass, and vocal lessons.

Tyler has played in mainly rock bands and has been fairly successful. At the age of 13 he made his first television appearance by playing bass in a battle of the bands for a local cable station. When he turned 15 he decided to go back to the drums and formed the band Third Mist. While in this band Tyler performed on many local television shows and in front of millions as he made it to the semi-finals on Star Search in '91. Shortly after this performance Tyler left Third Mist to pursue another opportunity by playing in Guild of Ages (formerly Caught in the Act). After spending 1 year in Guild of Ages Tyler felt that it was time to take a break since he had been playing live shows almost every weekend for the last 5 years.

Of course Tyler could not stop playing music all together so he would play around on his keyboard and come up with new song ideas. He decided to try writing what came natural, which was smooth jazz. After completing two songs in this genre Tyler decided to place them on a popular MP3 site to see if anyone out there would listen. Within the first month Tyler received many great reviews and had unknowingly built a fan base. Today, Tyler is all over the internet and beginning to make his impact on the air waves.

Tyler describes his music as a perfect mix of smooth jazz and easy listening. Between his ever changing melodies and his driving rhythms, his music will become a favorite for any smooth jazz or easy listening fan. "Tyler's music is truly a smooth way to a persons heart" - hbh.