Michael Lington

Michael Lington's self-titled debut release on NuGroove Records demonstrates his musical talent and gift for expression. Michael's skills as a consummate saxophonist is illustrated on this auspicious release, which introduces his rich texture of smooth jazz, soulful R & B, and melodic pop. "Michael Lington" contains original compositions, as well as some of Michael's favorite standards, including "Tell It Like It Is" featuring vocalist Bobby Caldwell.

A native of Denmark, Michael began his musical career at an early age. He was selected to be a member of the elite Tivoli Boys Guard, a world-renowned orchestra and national treasure of Denmark. His involvement garnered him a professional music education as well as the chance to travel around the world, performing for VIP's across Europe, Japan and the U.S. After graduating, Michael completed music college and then made his foray into touring on the road while running his own recording studio.

After enjoying success in Europe, Michael decided to move to the U.S., where he hooked up with Mark Schulman, a musician and producer, who subsequently produced this album with Michael. Mark has produced several other records and commercials, and his drumming credits include Bobby Caldwell, Jeff Lorber and Dave Koz, just to name a few. "I met Michael in Copenhagen in 1989, then he moved out to L.A. in 1990 and slept on my couch for a few months! I watched this kid with a lot of energy and talent grow into refined artist that has a lot to communicate musically. We had a lot of fun recording this record!". Rob Mullins, a noted NAC producer, produced 'Tell It Like It Is" with Michael, along with Mark Schulman as co-producer on this track. Also featured on this record is keyboardist Ellis Hall, lending his talent to the track 'I Sing My Song'.

Michael immediately was recognized for his talent and worked with NAC artists Dan Siegel, Doc Powell and Freddy Ravel. He then began playing and touring with jazz favorite, Bobby Caldwell, who also appears on Michael's record, lending his vocal talent to the fantastic remake of the classic, "Tell It Like It Is". "Bobby's gig has been a blessing from day one- it's given me so many opportunities and made me a better person and musician. I've grown more in the last 3 years than I have ever, I feel changed." By playing in Bobby's band, Michael is following in the footsteps of many great saxophonists- Dave Koz, Richard Elliot, and Boney James have all shared the stage with Bobby. Bobby has praised Michael's music and his album by saying "I'm going to have to start looking for new sax player soon. Michael's gonna be too busy!" Bobby will be featuring Michael in every set on the tour and will also be performing "Tell It Like It Is".

Michael was destined to be a musician- it's in his blood; his grandfather was the famous Danish band leader Otto Lington, who is credited with bringing jazz to Scandinavia. Filling Michael's head with stories of leading orchestras for people like Josephine Baker, The Mills Brothers and Fats Waller, Otto obviously inspired his grandson. "My biggest influence was my Grandfather, he never forced me to learn music, in fact he told me it's not always a steady life, it' not easy, but just by him being who he was, the stories he told, the things he did, I adored that. You know, he's the reason I'm playing music - we were best friends. I dedicate this record to him