Blue Star


Elisabeth Star, born November 10th 1955 near Munich, Germany.  Started to sing in churchchoirs at 7, to play the violin at the age of 10, church organ at 11 and moved to the piano at the age of 15.   It was soon after, that she decided to become a professional musician.  After completing her classical studies she wanted to expand her view by travelling (to the far east) and searching for alternative forms of working an living.

Peter Blue, born January 21st 1954 near Hagen, Germany, started to play the guitar at the age of 16. He soon played in local bands, continuously searching for his music.  By 1975 he withdrew fom playing in bands  & started writing music. It seemed he did not find the right companions for what he was after and for years he was suffering from the fact, that he did´nt find the right partners for his music.  He also experimented with alternative ways of living and working.

Peter and Elisabeth first met in 1983.  They became lovers at that time, not knowing that they would become fellow artists and businesspartners too.   Their background was so different, that it took some time to get together in music as well.   In the end of 1985 however, Blue Star was born. In their (very small) first recording studio they started with their instrumental music. At that time, that kind of music was new to germany and record labels were not interested.
So by 1989 the studio had grown and BLUE STAR released their debut cd "Western Skies"  on their own new label COOL BREEZE.
More cds and other realeases followed.  Recording their own music has always been part of the artist´s work , giving them complete control over every step of the creative process.  So they also became respected engineers and producers for other artists.

Since they work together, Peter & Elisabeth have created a unique instrumental sound in which outstanding melodious guitarwork, fine (vintage) keyboards and sounds and rythms from all around the world create the world of BLUE STAR.

Today the artists live and work  in the countryside near Munich.


The albums:

1.     Western Skies

Released 12/89,

Label   Cool Breeze/BMG-Aris

Produced by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star

Genre: New Age / Contemporary instrumental


Elisabeth Star: All keyboards & Piano, sampling

Peter Blue:       All Guitars, Bass, small perc., sampling

All tracks written by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star


Western Skies



Time can tell

Desert noon



My Love




On their debut Western Skies Blue Star already impressed critics and listeners with their colourful instrumental music. Ignoring the Zeitgeist Blue Star simply did, what they can best: Playing lovely music, that makes you feel good.
German Mega Music Magazine BRAVO wrote: Great guitarsound, nice for driving and those ears, that are tired of all those staccato beats.  WOM Journal said: It feels good to live under the Blue Star.     Other critics compared Peter´s guitarplaying to artists like Ry Cooder or Peter Green. Although there are no radiostations in Germany to play this format, BLUE STAR still got airplay on various stations.

2.  Cry Baby

Released: April 91

Label  Cool Breeze/BMG-Aris

Produced by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star

Genre: New Age / Contemporary Instrumental


Peter Blue: All guitars, bass, sampling
Elisabeth Star: Piano, synthesizers, sampling

All  tracks except God Bless The Child written by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star



Big Birds in the Sky

Raw Beauty

Cool Breeze

God Bless the Child

Ride the Blue Train

Isla Vedra 1 & 2

Cry Baby


Seven Seas

Ri - Fou - Fou

On Cry Baby Blue Star even expanded their musical range. Some bluesy influences got stronger, and again it was germany´s WOM - Journal, that compared Peter´s guitarplaying to Peter Green´s style.

For the first time, Elisabeth started using Hammond sounds, not knowing yet, that she already was infected with the B3 virus. The soft and gentle track Cool Breeze was later used by DAIMLER BENZ in their promotional Video"The G - Class" (many thousands of copys worldwide)  There is a little Story to each track that is told in the booklet. Once again, the Zeitgeist did not exactly know what to do with an album that spread from newage to rock to dance (" yes we already used 808 drums on some tracks")


3.   Nr.3

Released May 93

Label  Cool Breeze

Produced by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star

Genre: New Age / Contemporary Instrumental


Elisabeth Star: HammondB3, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Synthesizers

Peter Blue: Electric & acoustic guitars, small percussion,harp

Wayne Harley (who actually was Peter Blue) bass

Elmar Schmidt: Drums

Richard Laughlin: Fluegelhorn on Polar Baer´s waltz

All Tracks written by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star


Prelude in G - minor

Have Mersey

Ride the tide

Mr. Love

Winds of time

Cemetary Blues

Acme Book Shop

Ghost Town

Moon 2

The Magician

Sarah´s Prayer

For You

Polar Baer´s Waltz

Dr. Heckel & Mr. Jive

Why do birds sing?

On Nr.3 Blue Star were tired of drummachines & synthesizers. Elisabeth had finally got her B3 and Fender Rhodes, which gave this album a more "back to the roots" appearence.  The tracks were, as usual, full of remarkable melodies.
Using live drums made the album even more bluesy. The Fluegelhorn in Polar Bear brought in even a slight touch of jazz.   By this time, the Zeitgeist had given up.

 Nr.3 was far away from easy listening, and not everybody understood this album that was an important step for Blue Star.


4.  Suite für die Tibeter  - Suite for the tibetans

Released: 7/95

Label:  Blue Flame / BMG

Genre: New Age/ Meditation

Produced by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star


Peter Blue: All guitars, bass, programming, perc.

Elisabeth Star: All keyboards, sampling, programming

All tracks written by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star


Suite Fuer Die Fünf Tibeter (short version)

Suite Fuer Die Fünf Tibeter (long version)


The Pink Piano

Suite for the Tibetans had already been written in 1990.  It was the music for the famous exercises of the bestseller book DIE FÜNF TIBETER.  As the book was a millionseller, the accompanying cassettes were the first commercial success for Blue Star.

By 1995 Blue Star rerecorded the material for CD and added 2 bonustracks.  The production was licensed to the label Blue Flame and distributed worldwide by BMG.  It is more quiet stuff for meditation & relaxation.

5.  Himalaya Suite - Suite fuer die Tibeter 2

Released: 6/97

Label: Blue Flame/ BMG

Genre: New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Worldmusic

Produced by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star


Elisabeth Star:  Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, piano, synthesizers, sampling

Peter Blue:  Electric & acoustic guitars, bass, small percussion, programming, theremin, mandolin,

All tracks written by Peter Blue & Elisabeth Star



Greetings from the top of the world

Gyayum Tschenmo

Lung Gom

Tschenresis Vow

Dakini Dance


Blue Lotus


Although the record label had subtiteled Himalaya Suite as "Suite für die Tibeter Vol 2", it is a completely different album.  As a conceptalbum, it takes interesting aspects of tibetan mythology as a starting point for each of the tracks.
The spectrum of the compositions reaches out from the mighty GYAYUM TSCHENMO to the trancy LUNG GOM, all the way to the meditational GREETINGS FROM THE TOP OF THE WORLD.   DAKINI DANCE shows, that happiness is also a character of spirituality.  It is an exciting album, where zen meets blues, hammond B3 meets worldpercussion in outer space.   Mission: LOVE!

Peters electric and acoustic guitars are, as usual, present with expressional melodies.  Elisabeths Hammond doesn´t just bring a touch of gospel, but also spacey width into the musical expression, as last heard on Bo Hanssons "Lord of the Rings". As new additons, worldpercussion, mandolin and in TUMO the Theremin, were used.  This is the biggest sounding album BLUE STAR has produced so far, and the artists are still proud of it.


Other releases:

Music for  the CD CHAKRA BREATHING (Synthesis Verlag)

Audioset /Medienset "Die Fünf Tibeter"

Music for the TV - series "Telegym Yoga"

Music for promotional videos of DAIMLER BENZ & SIEMENS

Filmmusic for Kirch - Gruppe

Music for CD -Roms

Music for Videos

New Stuff:

We are cooking lots of new material right now.   Actually we have produced already the material for another two albums, but we have not decided yet what and how to release.  There is also a complete acoustic guitar album,
" Duets in the Sun" that is waiting to be released.