Paul Rozmus

Paul Rozmus is a talented musician and performer who is now poised to make his mark in the US. As we're writing this, his record "Rhythm of Love" has climbed to the chartbound status on the Gavin's Smooth Jazz tracking report. Originally from Poland, he's won numerous awards, and currently has a new single in a double-platinum album by polish mega star Natalia Kukulski. The talented flautist/keyboardist has just released his first, all-original contemporary jazz album, Rhythm of Love. In addition to his masterful flute playing, Rozmus is a consummate composer and arranger, penning all the songs on his debut CD.

"There are no boundaries in music," Rozmus states. "I grew up in a land where at one time there was political tension between the East and West, but with my music, I always felt free."

Rozmus began studying classical piano when he was five years old, taking up the flute while in high school. He earned his Masters Degree in Composition and Arranging from the Polish Academy of Music in Katowice, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Since then, he's arranged and recorded over 200 productions, with several compositions making their way to the top of the Polish Pop Charts. An accomplished flutist and songwriter, Rozmus has toured Europe, Japan, and the US as both performer and bandleader.

More recently since immigrating to the US in mid-80s, Rozmus has built his own state-of-the-art, 64-track digital recording studio, currently establishing his own record label and production company, all headquartered in Fort Myers, Fl.

Since receiving airplay in South Florida and lately, in several parts of the country,
Rhythm of Love has sensationalized many listeners in the Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary marketplaces. At times the music carries a strong R&B- flavored pulse or it can be delicate and sensual, just perfect for those more intimate moments or for quiet repose. Rozmus' compositions are well-crafted and woven together with his gifted musicianship.

His studio savvy and productions skills notwithstanding, it's Rozmus' live performances where his music - and flute playing - soar to new heights. In concert, Rozmus turns it up, cavorting to and fro to the grooving backbeat, engaging audiences with his animated personality. He fronts a stellar band which often highlights the vocals of Renata who also plays violin and keyboards.

With a growing legion of fans and the release of
Rhythm of Love, Rozmus looks forward to broader recognition. But it's not just about becoming successful commercially, for Rozmus, it's about making an affirmative statement through his music. Paul says, "I've always felt it was part of my destiny to create something which will leave a positive impression" In fashion, Rozmus dedicates Rhythm of Love to, "all who feel music and art have an unbreakable role in our society."

by Robert Kaye

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