Craig T. Cooper

"The Reds" is the only suitable phrase for the smooth, sensuous style of guitar playing that Craig T. Cooper has mastered.  Not all blues, not all jazz, Craig T. is the "The Uncola of Jazz" Craig T. Cooper is a recording artist, producer, songwriter, arranger, M.D., sound engineer, programmer, mix and re-mix master, owner of CRAIGLAND Studios, LA and an all around damn good musician.  His credits are endless and his experience is invaluable. So let's start at the beginning….Who is Craig T. Cooper?

Craig T. Cooper, the youngest of seven children, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  As a young child he exhibited signs of immense musical talent.  His musical talents first became apparent at the tender age of four. Soon after he began cello lessons, he hoped to follow in his brother Ron's footsteps, who is a world-renowned cellist. Craig's thirst for music was unquenchable and he progressed from cello to the trumpet, drums, and piano and finally guitar - his instrument of choice.  Not only did he have a unique aptitude for the guitar it didn't take long for him to establish his own identity as a studio musician and soloist.  Combined with his creative force to be reckoned with early in his music career.

1984 marked the beginning of his rise to prominence as a studio musician.  His first big break with El DeBarge subsequently led to non-stop studio work.  He honed his craft and refined his style as he worked with such musical luminaries as; Anita Baker, Bob Dylan, Barry Manilow, The Boys, Tiffany, The O'Jays, George Duke, Patrice Rushen, Lalah Hathaway, Klymaxx, LeVert, The Jacksons, The Crusaders, and Tone Loc. To diversify, he worked on numerous movie soundtracks and his own  ' pet projects'. On occasion Craig T. also hit the road and toured with the likes of Cheryl Lynn, Billy Preston, Ronnie Laws and many others .

Subsequent to his touring, Craig T. was signed to Valley Vue Records in 1989, which spawned four critically acclaimed albums: "CRAIG T. COOPER PROJECT" (1989), "GOT THAT THANG" (1990), "DARKM'N" (1991) and "GREATEST HITS" (1994). His collaboration with singer/songwriter Denise Stewart would lead to the Standard "Quality Time" from the "GOT THAT THANG" album. Craig T. both wrote and produced the material, also played all the instruments as well as programmed, mixed and re-mixed the albums.. These unique abilities lead to engineering and mixing other records. Many artists, to name a few, would contribute their talents to his original projects over the years such as Joe Sample, Bobby Lyle, George Duke, Patrice Rushen, the Jazz Crusaders, Gerald Albright, Gerald LeVert, and the most unusual being a harmonica solo featuring Mykelti Williamson of  "Forrest Gump" and "Waiting to Exhale".

His success on Valley Vue Records inspired SIN-DROME records to sign him in 1995. Craig completed two wonderful releases from the label; the first being "TOUCH-TONE" (1995), which features his label-mates Wayne Henderson and Wilton Felder of the Jazz Crusaders on the hit single  "Can I Still Play With The Band?". And the second named "ROMANTIC LETTER" (1996) featuring cover tunes such as "Sensitivity" (penned by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) and "Never Too Much" (written by Luther Vandross) reaped some very positive responses from the Masters themselves! In fact they were totally knocked out by Craig's unusually bold treatment to their hits.

So what has this impresario been up to lately?  Well to say the least, He's featured on the next already Multi-platinum LSG release, Even George Benson had to have a taste - whom he just finished recording with. Craig T. just finished his 7th album and is looking forward to a summer release featuring a duet with Gerald LeVert. Craig T. just finished an 18 month stint with Adriana Evans as Musical Director. Adriana (LOUD RECORDS Recording Artist) liked him so much she practically took him around the world with her as well as featuring him on BET.  His long time friendship and musical association with Gerald LeVert has landed him a residency in Gerald's studio in Ohio as well as an up and coming tour with the now very hot (multi-platinum) LSG  (Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill) Tour.   Whew!  Did I get it all?  I'm sure I left something out but if you want to get some serious sounds first hand, contact Craig T. on his website WWW.NUTBUTTON.COM or E-Mail DARKMN_CRAIGT@MSN.COM and take a look/listen/chat for yourself. You won't be disappointed!!!

P.O.BOX 191009 Los Angeles, CA. 90019 / 213-732-2082 / fax 213-732-6221 / e-mail COOPICK@USA .NET

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